Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The best of the rest...

The Lego iBlock speakers for iPod. If I had an iPod, I'd definitely want one of these bad boys. Available from Fred Flare for US$25. Discovered at Retro To Go.

Nothing says AND quite like a big fat cast iron ampersand. Made by House Industries, they are available to buy for US$200. Found at Oh Joy!

Maggie dressed in Zac Posen. It doesn't get much hotter (despite what the critics say). Via My Little Apartment.

The amazing artwork of Moira Hahn. Discovered at Monster Munch.

This Nike Air Force 1 sculpture by Sicksystem. Brought to you via Hypebeast.

Married to the Mob has dropped there new season. Found via Mayoress. Could the Mob girl be any cuter? Man... I think I just turned.

Giant stuff is my latest obsession. A while back there was a really cool article in Living Etc about giant stuff. This installation by Robert Therrien (borrowed from Design for Mankind) reminds me that I need to get me something large because size really does matter.

The new Sininen Geopardi (2008) fabric by Teresa Moorehouse via Marimekko.

The Finnish Olympic team wearing Marimekko in the opening ceremony. Found via the Marimekko blog, Always Mod.

These cute stools and ottomans made by Judy Ross were spotted by Anh-Minh at Barney's.

And I'm spent.

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