Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why didn't I think of that? Oh, I did.

Loving the Selby. It's about people's cool spaces.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not bad at all...

Hayley Mei you're my hero.

Mayoress just broke some hot new produce from Karen Jane/Not Bad For A Girl. Seriously. Best. Hoodie. EVER. I'd beg, borrow and steal for one of these babies, and you should too. Sell your mother now!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wants them

Finally I have found some awesome kicks I really like. Rugged Sole has many fabulous pairs of shoes available, however these are my two favs at the mo.

These Silver/White/Black/Blue Nike- Jordan Women's Premium Jordan 1s are to die for. I love silver, and those things reek of it.

Next on the menu are these fabulous Adidas Womens Game Mid Hi Tops in a Blue/Black/Purple colour way. Loving the black patent detail and the shonky yellowed plastic sole trim.
The Nike sizing I'm not so worried about - the Adidas sizing not so sure... any advice on Adidas womens sizing?

More evidence that Melbourne is better than Sydney

Melbourne 114, Sydney 6. This is the number of categorical posts for each City on the Nice Produce blog. Now, I know the Nice Produce guys are from Melbs but... surely Sydney can't be so shite that in the lifetime of the Nice Produce blog, there's only been 6 Sydney things that have been worth posting - OR COULD IT?

So I take a closer look at the 6 posts... and most of the posts are about Melbourne(rs) anyway. First I'm hit with a little story about a show at Ruban Rat in Newtown - but the show is by Loungekat and BoT from Melbs. They've got flicks of the Record Store in Darlo... cept the beautiful art painted on the outside was done by none other than Josh Two Thousand - you guessed it, another Melbournite.

Then they move on to refer to Another Inch (Burton St Darlinghurst) as "one of the few stores repping street culture in Sydney". Big rap considering the interior of the shop was initially done by non other than Reka One - another Melbournian.

We do have the upper hand in one department - Semi-Permanent doesn't do Melbourne (Suck shit Mexicans). And I really enjoyed the way they glazed over that delicious detail when they discussed 1,000 cans.

And although they mostly discuss themselves and how awesome it is when they get to shove their Melbournian awesomeness right in our shameful Sydney faces... they admit they like to eat our food because, it is, undeniably good. Especially Toko. Which all in all, has great food but sometimes, if you're used to good Sydney dining, sometimes leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of service. Maybe they are used to shit service in Melbourne?

In anycase... these things all point to the fact that 1. I need to analyse the 114 Melbourne items on the Nice Produce in further detail, and 2. Maybe the truth is that Melbourne really does shit all over Sydney.

Tha Dark Room

Finally there's something good in Sydney...

The Dark Room: this Friday @ Ruby Rabbit. From entry and booze between 9-10pm. And - as if you need another reason to come - you will be able to see the fine work of many artists, including the hugely talented Beastman.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dexter Season 3 Preview Trailer

A little off topic but oh well. It's got me pretty excited so I just had to post it. The lovely people Showtime have kindly released a teaser trailer for Dexter Season 3. I can't wait for this season to drop! Dexter is getting darker it seems...

Shame channel ten is still only showing season 1 here (ep 3-4?). I definitely can't wait for ten to air season 3... so I'll just have to use other means to see it hehehe...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another reason why Melbourne is so much better than Sydney...

Peat Wollaeger's Luchador mask series is showing in Melbourne at Per Square Metre Gallery from Thursday 31 of July (found via Meggs).

I'll just go slit my wrists, shall I?

Melb V Syd

Does Sydney really suck as hard as I'm beginning to think it does - or is Melbourne just fucking mad awesome?! The number of exhibitions and laneways and grafness and sneakers and awesomeness down there makes me sick. Well that's a lie - it makes me want to go there for reals... maybe I should move there?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Munny - that's what I want!

What is Munny I hear you ask?

Munny is DIY vinyl art toy created by Kidrobot. You decorate Munny yourself using paint, pens, blow torches or just about anything you can think of. Munny comes in a range of colours including white, black, pink and glow in the dark. Munny comes with random accessories depending on which series you get.
The first Dunny (another similar art toy by Kid Robot) that really caught my attention a few years ago was the Ketchup Dunny by SKET ONE (above). Since then, Munny culture has gone nuts, and people are doing some seriously awesome things with Munny. There are Munny exhibitions going down all over the place by people who customise these awesome little guys - not to mention some amazing functional modifications... like turning these little guys into speakers!

The awesome Munny speakers above were made by Fungus Amungus. You'll find a detailed step-by-step guide to making these little guys here. Here are a few other awesome Munny speakers found on Flickr (click the mosaic to find the full size images).

You can get yourself a 4" Mini Munny for AUD$20 each from the super cool Robio in Melbourne. Shipping is a little extra, but it's much easier than getting them internationally...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Kid Belo

Check out the inspired work of Canadian artist Kid Belo. You can read more about him here.

Always a freak for street art as interior design, I'm particularly smitten with his bespoke furniture pieces... especially the remixed Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair (below). I'm not sure if it's naughty or nice to deface a design classic - but either way, I like it.

Below are 2 bespoke cupboards by Kid Belo that are beautiful as any graf furniture I've seen. His style is both stylised and decayed at the same time, which creates quite a contrast to the functional pieces of furniture... I want!
See more of his beautiful work here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Kid Sister by Dim Mak

Loving this cute Kid Sister Pro Nails tee by Dim Mak. The only thing I'd like to know now is - why don't they have any stockists in Australia?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Awesome Upholstery

I am loving these awesome old cinema seats that have been reupholstered in yummy Marimekko fabrics (via the Marimekko Blog, via Knitsonya). I especially like the one in the middle...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A tribute to Kevin Lyons

So today I actually used the blackboard wall in the kitchen... I drew monsters and robots all over it. I call it "Monster Kitchen".
Note the robot has a power point for eyes. Hehe.

A while back I posted about Kevin Lyon's show called "Parent's just don't understand" which as at Monster Children Gallery. My Monster Kitchen was inspired by his exhibition... KLYONS rocks.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We all scream for ice cream...

These cute Ice Cream Sandwich key chains have just been released by Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream. They cost US$25 each and are available in chocolate and strawberry flavour from the BBC/Ice Cream online store. Yum!

My Drive Thru

My Drive Thru by Pharrell, Santogold & Julian Casablancas

Cutest song. It should be the next iPod song... Santogold is amazing. Not to mention a stellar video clip!

Would the real Banksy please stand up?

I love it when the tabloids run stories about Banksy.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Stussy Hex Table

A while back as part of their anniversary celebrations, Stussy collaborated with UK industrial designer Ben Wilson to create the completely gorgeous Hex Table. The table is made out of industrial cardboard making it very light and quite strong (but not so resistant to liquid - this is no coffee table!).

If you're lucky you might find one in Japan...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Douchebag Dinner Party

Above: Tell your dinner guests what you really think. Reworked vintage china from Trixie Delicious. These little gems from across the ditch can also be found at the Trixie Delicious blog or you can buy them on Etsy.

Above: Just the thing for carrying a long neck to your next dinner party. Not only will this 'brown paper bag' reduce your carbon footprint long term (especially if you drink as many long necks as I think you do), it'll keep that baby cold too. From Urban Outfitters.

Above: These glasses are sure to be a real conversation starter. Maybe you could encourage your guests to decide who gets which glass? From Urban Outfitters.

Above: More cheeky china from Trixie Delicious.

Above: But if you're not the world's greatest host - why not check out The Ghet. What started as a wandering supperclub has become worldwide network for lovers of fine food, cool art and new friends. The Ghet - short for Ghetto Gourmet - started out as an underground social dining project where informal, ’secret’ dining events encourage strangers to connect and eat.

Above: To experience guerilla gastronomy for yourself, visit Zingara Cucina. At this restaurant with no fixed address, prepare for a culinary adventure as you take direction to a secret location & dine from a menu that changes with each sitting to take advantage of seasonal produce.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A teeny weeny bathroom mood board

Mmm... Kartell, Missoni, bourgie, concrete, plastic, black, grey and white...

Sneak peek at the floor tiles...

These photos are a tiny sneak peek at the floor tiles! The shots above are taken from the dining room, looking back into the kitchen (you can see how the tiles run continuously all the way through the kitchen into the bathroom too). The tiles be grouted tomorrow.

I didn't get a polished concrete floor - but the tiles are seriously the next best thing *love*.

We're going on down...

Well - the floor tiles are anyway! I really hope when I get home this afternoon, the floor tiles are all down in both the kitchen and that bathroom. Then I can relax and know that very, very soon, there'll be a toilet again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

hair, there and everywhere

Is this a sign I should keep my hair as it is? Maybe I should keep my long bob for one more cut... Oh Marimekko, why do you taunt me?

Fresh local produce

Sometimes the freshest produce is right under your nose. Found right here in little Ol' Sydney town, the Aero table is designed by Eric Sui and is available either perspex or ply from Workshopped.

Incidentally... The Workshopped 08 exhibition opens Tuesday 12 August 2008...

Birds of a Feather

Fresh from her adventure in Melburn, Leticia brought me back this rather lovely melamine plate by Poketo! The plate is part of a set called Birds of a Feather and I really love the colour scheme - aqua/pink/red rock! Poketo! have lots of great stuff so check them out...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The best of the rest...

Above: I am Jack's raging envy. The BBC & Philippe Starck have teamed up to create Philippe Starck's School of Design. I would beg, borrow, steal and potentially kill to be on that show (as do 50,000 other designer-wannabes). Unfortunately, it also says "all Applicants must be residents of the United Kingdom and must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom and France". Fuck it. Please, please, please - can someone do a reality design show here in Oz? Via Torc.

Above: 50 views of the Arne Jacobsen. A while back I mentioned this year is the 50th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair. This week, The Style Files is featuring the patchwork Eggs designed by legendary Danish designer Tal R for Fritz Hansen.

Above: The next tiny-small-medium-big-bigger-biggest thing. Babushka dolls. Yes. Babushka babushka, yi-ee-yiii. Via Senseless acts of Beauty.

Above: Sweet dreams are made of this. Found via Poppytalk, this absolutely beautiful bed is available through Anthropologie. Unfortunately... they are in the US and I don't think they'd deliver this baby to Sydney.

Above: Hyper Hyper. Apparently hypercolor is making a come back thanks to American Apparel. Found via Notcot. Not sure I'm down with it... maybe when I was 8.

Above: The Money Shots. Apparently the latest thing to get a piece of your favourite currency and combine it with a photo. And presto! You have yourself a money shot. Via Monster Munch.

Above: Undeniable cool: The DeLoreon. A piece of auto-technology rivaled only by Peter Brock's Energy Polariser, the DeLorean was the center piece of the launch of the Air McFly edition of the Nike Hyperdunk. Via High Snobiety.

Above: Co-ordinated kicks-and-handbags. Reeboks' new ladies line found via High Snobette.

Above: Sing me a rainbow... in my lounge room. This amazing patchwork sofa by Bertjan Pot & Frank Buggeman was featured recently on Happy Mundane and I just had to repost it. Love it!

Above: The perect reason to reflect. These TranSglass mirrors by Artecnica will blow your freaking minds. Found via Design Milk.

Above: Disco staircase. The photo is by Photographer Polly Wreford, via Bohemian Hellhole.

Above: Dumpster diving really does pay off. A refurbed, found on the curbside, left-for-the-council-clean-up curiosity cabinet. Restored by Arthur's Circus.

Above: Nanni Holen's Nero Shelf is feautred on Anh-Minh, via Huset.

Above: Just like Cyndi Lauper said, I see your true colours shining through. Absolutely Beautiful Things is featuring the intensely beautiful interiors of Kathy Dalwood.

Above: I like me with you. Cup of Jo features cute stationary from Linda & Harriett.