Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Magic Keyboard

Click on the magic keyboard and make some music...


Found via Cupcakes to Soften Yo Hustle...

Nike Air Yeezy Gay Fish

Apparently these were the custom Yeezy's Kayne was wearing when he discovered he was a gay fish. Yes, you can really order these from Osneaker!

Air Bling

Being the Magpie I am, I couldn't take my eyes of these shiny metallic gold crocodile skin Air Max I spied over at Hypebeast. These bad boys are retailing for a cool US$300 but have already sold out at Osneaker.

If that ain't enough bling for you, cast your eyes over these silver snakeskin numbers. They're like sticking two mirror balls on your feet... I do like the silver bubble detail though!
These also retail for a cool US$300, and are still available at Osneaker.

Suicide Girls x Fight Club

Suicide Girls have put together a tribute shoot to mark the 10 year anniversary of Fight Club. Suicide Girl photos are usually pay-per-view, but you can check out these flicks for free.
Click here to get your girl fight on...

Chuck would be so proud.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cold Digits

Winter is hitting Sydney, I've got cold hands and gloves are the go. I'm not talking about the woolie mitten type, because Sydney winters are pretty tame - but the type of gloves that keep your digits warm and your look hotter. SJP rocks these gorgeous Patricia Field half gloves like a pro - and you can pick up these bad boys via the Patricia Field website.
The half gloves come in a range of coloured leathers and start at US$20 a pair. Perfect for Sydney winter - just the right ammount of coverage to keep your fingers snug.

Lace gloves are also pretty sweet. Madonna is still rocking them after all these years. There are so many styles, with or without fingers, frills, ribbons and bows. Importantly they are lightweight and allow your hands to breathe - no sweaty palms.
Madz rocked these black lace bad boys (above) in a recent shoot, but she was rocking white lace numbers more than 20 years way back in Desperately Seeking Susan. And I have to say digging up this old flick really makes me dig on the how Desperately Seeking Susan look. Leather, lace, gold chains and animal print. Pretty darn hot for a look that's more than 20 years old.Below are some simple fingerless lace gloves. I love these cos you can rock some serious nails and still show them off. They are a bit standard, but if you're crafty, you could add your own twist...Add a few chains and bows and suddenly they get super interesting. These could be for day or night - you could rock 'em with kicks in the day or a frock going at night. But you gotta add the hottest of nails of course...
Billy Idol has been rocking fingerless steez since the early 80's. And there's really no denying the awesomeness of Billy Idol. Last season I was rocking a pair of fingerless biker numbers for a bit... so it'd be nice to give it a bit of a twist this year.
Patricia Field is also stocking these rad fingerless numbers that are def a twist on straight black. With a bright accent colour, they are pretty dope if you're like me and need shit that matches you kicks and nails.
Check out the awesome nail job to go with the gloves... these stunners were done by Hello Beautiful @ Patricia Field Salon in NY. I wants!
If you've seen any other rad gloves, hit me up!

My Little Pony

I think it's fair to say most girls my age loved My Little Pony's when they were kids. I treasured My Ponies and loved to play with their hair and make up stories about their adventures. Last year the My Little Pony Project launched to mark the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony. The project asked 25 celebrities and designers to create a pony. The group included the likes of Klor from 123 Klan and Claw. I was more than a little obsessed at the time!

Today I stumbled across the rad My Little Pony artwork of Mari Kasurinen. Mari takes My Little Ponies and remixes them... these are amazing!
Above: My Little Bride (Kill Bill). The detail is amazing!
Above: My Little Alien. I wonder what H.R. Geiger would think of this little nasty!
Above: My Little Joker (Batman). You just gotta love these detail in these!Above: My Little Pan (Pan's Labyrinth). This one is by my favourite! Mari has done all kinds, Star Wars, Masters of the Universe... so amazing!

Visit Mari's website here

Everyone's getting their nails did

The Boobs, M.I.S.S. and Lipsticks Ladiez are all running posts on nails today! We love that. I got my nails done today but compared to the bad boys above, mine are shameful :(

Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Ed Hardy is so wrong...

Like you didn't already know, but Ed Hardy is wronger than a pedo dressed as Santa. I'm not sure what makes people think they look good wearing this stuff, but for some stupid reason, they do - and they are willing to pay retarded amounts of cash for the privilege.

Not only that, but some peeps are so down with the look they're prepared to wear fakes too. If they real stuff sucks, why would you wanna fake it? It sort of reminds me of the whole Von Dutch thing. And I'm gonna blame Paris Hilton for that ridiculous fad. Does than mean I can blame her for Ed Hardy too?
But I'm not sure I can blame Paris for these poor blokes. Was it a requirement of purchase that you needed to stick your finger in a power socket when you swiped your credit card? Or did this gear come with free hair gel? Cos what the hell is with the Dragonball Z hair steez...
Awww isn't that sweet - they have to couple dress too. Or group dress. Woah - wait. Groups of grown men, dressed in the same clothing. The only places men being dressed in the same clothing is acceptable is if they are twins/triplets, in the army, or on Oxford St. These dudes are straight - aren't they?
Maybe they are just trying to copy their idols. Like Sly Stallone. I mean, who wouldn't want to be like Sly? Wait... has he had work done? (That was rhetorical)
And the graf references Ed Hardy like to use in their marketing really don't help the models look any less douchey. Wait, is that an Ed Hardy energy drink below? Do they make lunch boxes?
Wow those are some jugs... but I can't take my eyes off the guy on the right. Those locks are to die for.
Mario likes Ed Hardy too. Boy's come a long way since Saved by the Bell.
And there is just no excuse for wearing these jeans. Unless you're painting the house...
Thus end rant on why Ed Hardy is way wrong.


Sleep very well

Check this rad RockwellxSleepwell bed linen by dutch designer Parra (available through Ben-G in Amsterdam - don't think we can cop these out here). Parra does some made illustrative typography work, as well as some interesting living design like the linen, headphones (below) and sculpture.
I also found a rad feature on Parra at Fecal Face, which includes pictures from inside his studio..

New Acclaim site

Check out the new Acclaim site here. Sweet job on the design.

I'm not sure how I feel about these, but I'm going to the launch

Nike Air Yeezy.

Hot or not?

Honestly I'm not really into moon boots. Would a gay fish wear them? Probably. They are very Kanye. Can I rock them? I'm not so sure...

I'd give these pink and blacks a go if I could get my hands on them. Luckily I copped entry to the Espionage X Sneaker Freaker X Air Yeezy launch on May 12. And considering I'm not working right now, I think it could be a big night.

Hottest pic of Maggie EVER

Thank you, Terry Richardson.

Nails Did

Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with my nails. I'm all about acrylics, infills and crazy paint. And at the moment, I'm pretty obsessed with 3D nails. I recently posted about Valley in NY and their made 3D steez, but i f you're not sure what I'm on about, they're sometimes known as Kawaii Nails (after the Japanese company that makes some seriously rad ones). Check these out...

Nails above: By Valley

Nails above by Aya1gou

Nails above by Shelly

Nails above by Aya1gou

Nails above by Aya1gou

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I didn't think 'hot chicks with cool kicks' meant the chick needed to be naked to be hot. Apparently, according to Playboy, it does. I saw these photos circulating a few weeks back via Nitrolicious and felt compelled to discuss. Besides the fact the selection of sneaks was pretty average, I can't really imagine the model in the shoot actually rocking kicks for real. Personally, I would prefer to see a hot girl who is actually into kicks with her own collection - not some contrived photo shoot.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Phibs solo show @ Oh Really

Why am I at home again? Lucky it runs for a bit...