Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mad props to SJ & Danny

Mad props to SJ and Danny for having Dion, Dave and Myself over at their new pad for their housewarming. SJ's Minnie Ears were rocking and many a silly photo was taken.
Congrats on the new pad dudes!

DJ Sega: chronic crotch grabber

On Friday night, Ki Ki, Mookie and Myself had a bit of a girlie night and went to see DJ Sega play at Oxford Art Factory. While we was there, I grabbed DJ Sega to pose for this Scissor Crew Blog photo (above) with Mookie and Ki Ki.
We got ourselves into a prime position on the dance floor at the front of the stage - right in front of the dj booth. We thought this would be the best spot to dance, and give us the best view. But we got a little more than we bargained for...
FACT: DJ Sega is a crotch grabber.

I noticed him do it once and I gave him the benefit of the doubt - after all, he could have worn the wrong underwear. Then I noticed him do it again. And again. In time with the music. He was dancing and grabbing it. I looked around, and other people had noticed too. There we all were, mesmerised by DJ Sega continuously grabbing on his junk in the front. He seemed to be enjoying himself - it looked like he enjoys a good grab in front of a crowd.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Graf Bling

Found these awesome earrings and necklace via Bubblegum Pony*s. They are made by DMDmetal and are available on Etsy. Who wouldn't want one of these gorgeous little metal monkey's hanging around their neck? I know I'd love one. It is my birthday coming up (hint hint). At around US$145, they are a little pricey, but well worth the spend me thinks.
So I started sifting around for more graf inspired jewellery. This graf inspired ring is available from Ken & Dana and costs around US$120.Closer to home, you'll find some beautiful out of Sydney from Dark Cloud Silver. This spray can pendant will set you back a cool AUD$350.
Recently Dark Cloud Silver has collaborated with well known Australian graf writer Atome. to produce these beautiful limited edition Onelove pieces.
As a fan of Claw Money, I think her gold jewellery is dope. But it's really expensive and I don't think I'll be able to afford US$500 for these bamboo heart doorknockers anytime soon. If these are all a bit out of your price range, there are a few other cute options I found on Etsy. These plastic and metal rings and pendants are made by TAG'D and start at around US$15.
The pendant below is made by IndyGrrlProductions and costs US$25.These super fun splattered, heart-shaped bamboo doorknockers are made by ilaments and start at US$25.
And this cute graffiti city scape made by Chicachoo is just US$10!
Maybe I can get myself the train painter pendant for my birthday...

eBay Item of the Day: Nike Dunk High Zebra/Pink/White

Thanks to SJ for this hookup. I probably shouldn't have, but now they're on my watch list. Yikes!

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

I painted in the backyard today. I did a Chicken Little meets Modular meets Clockwork Orange inspired abstract piece. Simple shapes are really fun - and make things a lot easier for a numpty like me. Thank god Masto was there to save the day and help me with final fixes!

Almost all the right ingredients

Graffiti - Check. BMX - Check. Cute Girl - Check. Leggings - Check. Converse - FAIL. Get some Nikes girl. Otherwise, dope.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sneaker Storage

Let's hope your collection doesn't resemble this mess too much. I try to keep my kicks in a bit better order than the ones above, but my sneaks are starting to take over. Whilst visiting with Miss Lipstick Lady on the weekend, the topic of sneaker storage came up. We were discussing the use of the type of industrial shelving you can get from Bunnings or IKEA shelving (such as the inexpensive GORM system below):
Sneaker storage is becoming a serious problem for me at the moment because my room is slowly being overtaken by shoes and shoe boxes. I've already moved a bunch to my attic and put the ones I don't wear in stacked boxes.

Personally, I like to be able to see my kicks when I'm getting dressed, which is hard to do if you keep them in the boxes. But the problem I have in leaving my kicks out of their boxes is that, like everything else if you don't use it, it'll get dusty. I tend to go through phases of favourites, so some will get a work out for a week and then I'll switch.

I find that basic shoe racks below (available from Howard's Storage World etc) just don't cut it. I buy 1-3 pairs of kicks a month and I'd need so many of these they'd never fit in my room.
The option most people seem to take is to leave the shoes in the boxes, either on shelves if you're organised; or like me - anywhere they'll fit.
But the problem with leaving them in their original boxes is that you can't see what they are from the outside (unless you have the boxes label). And I have a lot of boxes that look exactly the same (mostly Nike Air Max 90s). One option is to take a Polaroid of each and stick it to the box. It's a method a lot of us ladies use for storing our high heels.
There's a great Australian company called PinkLily that sells these clear shoe boxes for $5 each (you can get a Hugepack of 30 boxes for $99). This solves the problem of having to leave your precious kicks out amongst the dust. Plus these boxes stack. They also have several different sizes - including man size. These things are endorsed by Kerri-Anne Kennerly so they must be pretty rad.
Then today my friend Mookie over at Moxvox posted a completely different solution for shoe storage. If you consider your sneaks to be more about art than function, why not hang them on your wall and show them off? Designed by Fernando A Robert specifically for sneak freaks, these racks are made of brushed and hold one pair each. Each rack costs US$29.95.
There's also a thread on Sneaker Freaker all about sneaker storage. I've been sifting through the zillions of pages for ideas about how to deal with my own sneaker overload. I think I might go for the Pinklily option - and stack those badboys where they'll fit for now. At least I'll be able to see what's in which box at a glance, without worrying about the condition of my babies.

Photographs copyright of individual photographers.

These are a few of my favourite things...

Monday night: Stanley, Macbook, Facebook, J3s and Sex in the City. Heaven!

Today's cop

Today I picked up a few things. Firstly I copped my precious Jordan 3s. Even though I've only had them for about 3 hours, I love them like children. I have them on my feet right now and I'm not sure I can bring myself to take them off. I might sleep in them tonight.
Then I grabbed a pair of white Reebok Classics. Inspired by Wrong Prom and the Lipstick Lady herself, I finally have another pair of Classics for the first time in about 20 years. I remember having a white pair when I was in year 3 or 4. At the time they were all the rage, along with LA Gear.
Lastly I went to American Apparel in Darlo looking for a pair of leg warmers (of which they had a ridiculously small selection - like 5 pairs). I got distracted as you do at AA, and found this amazing black and white bat wing hoodie which I decided I could not live without. It also works really well with the detail on the J3s. Love.

I still couldn't find the right leg warmers. Not happy about that but I'll keep looking. I'm thinking that maybe the Sock Shop (the one in the QVB - I don't know what it's called) might be my best option...

Diet Coke Head

I'm pretty sure I can't live without this Steven Shein Diet Coke Head ring. Not only is it a super cool combo of plexi and wood, it also reflects the one true vice I can honestly say I will never be able to quit - Diet Coke. You can buy Steve Shein through Karmaloop or direct through the Steve Shein website. He also makes lots of other rad stuff.

Not bad for an update

Not Bad For a Girl has a new site design. Did I miss something - or where did all the proddy go? Maybe it's still under construction. Sort of seems to be heaps simplified - blog/twitter updates only. Fingers crossed all new stock will be added soon. Show some support and check it out.

Plus I'm loving the shot above featuring 'snazzy trainers - ie Jordan 3s in Cool Grey like the ones I'll be collecting from Australia Post at 9am. Maybe that's why I'm up so early?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Everybody cut loose!

This Wednesday night the Carriage Works plays host to the very first Wrong Prom – 'where good music and daggy dancing collide'. Wrong Prom is essentially a giant dance class with instructors from Urban Dance Centre teaching you the wrongest dance moves from you favourite classic movies - with this week's theme for Wrong Prom #1 being Footloose.

Being a dance class, they suggest a few tips for what to wear, including spandex, heels, legwarmers and Dance Reeboks. So here's a little Footloose inspired fashion guide for all of us who are heading to
Wrong Prom this Wednesday night...

Check out the opening credits for the movie. If you'd forgotten, it's a bunch of shots of feet, dancing. And hidden amongst those feet are some great ideas for costumes. Legwarmers, Nikes, loafers and heels - these credits pretty much lay the perfect foundation for an amazing outfit.
Although there seems to be a lot of Chuck-styles floating around in Footloose - I'd prefer to opt for a pair of classic 80s dancing shoes - The Reebok Freestyle.
I personally wouldn't go for the crazy colours to create my Footloose look. A pair of fresh white Freestyles would be perfect. Funnily enough, Rebel Sport currently has plain black or plain white Freestyles like the ones below for about $120.
Next up - no Footloose outfit would be complete without legwarmers. There was an array of legwarmers featured in the Footloose opening credits - everything from plain colours to rainbows.
I'm loving the steez above, teaming 2 pairs of legwarmers with Nikes. I haven't found anywhere to get striped legwarmers yet, but you can pick up legwarmers in single colours from American Apparel in Darlinghurst for about $26 a pair. You probably want to get 2 pairs and layer those babies on top of each other for maximum impact.
Now I'm going to borrow a little bit of something-something from another classic 80s dance movie.
Alex Owen (Jennifer Beals) made a cut-up sloppy joe as hot as hell in the 1983 flick Flashdance. So there's 2 ways you can go about this one: go down to Lowes, buy yourself an oversize jumper, take your scissors and chop off the neck, waist and wrist bands. If you're really keen, chop your jumper off at the waist as a croptop and wear a leotard under it.Hey presto - you're one step closer to Footloose steez.
Alternatively, if you're not so crafty or can't be asses, pick up this off-the-shoulder number (shown above) from Bardot for $39.95.
On the bottom, there are a few options. Kevin Bacon seems to be quite comfortable dancing around in a pair of jeans so high wasted his lunch is well and truely cut. A pair of light blue high waisted jeans would work, but a pair of baggy tracky dacks or a hot pair of patterned leggings might be more comfortable to dance in. Then you just pull your leg warmers over the top. Here's a sweet pair of patterned Joyrich leggings available through Karmaloop for US$18.95 (on sale!).
There's lots of awesome extras you can add to finish the look like sweatbands, headbands, scrunchies, high ponytails, crimped hair or even a little pair of running shorts over you tights. If you're hardcore, you could wear your gold chains and doorknockers - or go one step further and wear your g-banger leotard. Personally I think that might be drifting too far down the Olivia Newtown-John/Let's Get Physical path, but if you're keen, do it! Super Magazine recently ran the spread featuring an 80s fitness spread...
Overall, I think Footloose steez are pretty fresh. I'm definitely down with legwarmers way more and I might even rock some for real - in the real world, not just at Wrong Prom. But I will definitely be rocking them this Wednesday! Be there or be square!

Wrong Prom #1 Footloose
DATE Wednesday 27 May 2009
TIME 7.30pm til late
COST $12 (Over 18s only - ID will be checked)
Food, snacks, cocktails and a gourmet sausage sizzle
with be available all night

Happy Birthday Ki Ki!

Last night was Ki Ki's birthday. Thank god the rain held off and the Erko was a sweet venue for our silliness. As also, Ki Ki and Chi Chi rocked chop chop fingers at every opportunity. Was a super fun night - even if there were some controversial bathroom shenanigans after I went home!
Incidentally, I thought I'd post a pick of my nails. A little bit boring, but a little bit fun. Fingers crossed I don't chip/break/snap these bad boys while I'm painting this week. I really don't want to go back to have a nail fixed this week!