Sunday, June 29, 2008

i want, i want, i want!

I think a set of Pantone mugs would be the perfect edition to the kitchen once the reno is done. I would love to have a set hung on display hooks... such a designer thing. You can pick up the 10 mug set from Top3 for a cool AUD$208.00.

Brocade design etc.

Brocade Home has a new blog.
Loving the John Reeves black armoire they are featuring at the mo. Imagine how sick this little piece would look with a little bit of paint love... a little bit of Burke & Hazelden?

rendered and ready to rock and roll

The bathroom is rendered. HOPEFULLY by Tuesday/Wednesday, the room will be ready for the tiler to do his thang... and by the weekend, I'll be relaxing in my brand new shower!

Fafi limited edition silkscreens

2 new original Fafi silkscreen prints are available now (found via Trashbag Asthetics) through the Collette collection at We Sold Out. Each print is 65.5 x 50cm, signed, numbered and dated by the artist and is an edition of 55. Get w


Yesterday I went to see Kevin Lyons' exhibition at Monster Children. Athough it's a pretty small show - it's actually really funny! My friend and I spent quite a while giggling at the big wall (above). At first it just looks like a whole bunch of cartoon monsters and speach bubbles - but if you read what they say... you get a great insight into Kevin Lyons (and maybe into yourself!).

And with all those speech bubbles, I could hardly resist...

Parents just don't understand by Kevin Lyons @ Monster Children Gallery. 20 Burton St, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW. Call (02) 9332 2040 for more information. Exhibition continues from 27th June til 16th July 2008.

Check out his site Natural Born for more of Kevin's work.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The incredibly beautiful work of Si Scott

If you haven't heard of Si Scott yet - you have now. Si Scott is an amazingly talented designer, typographer and artist who's beautiful hand-crafted type first caught my eye a couple of years ago. I saw him speak at Semi Permanent 07 and I have been fascinated by his work ever since. He actually gave me one of his prints at Semi Permanent, which hangs pride-of-place in my spare room.

Today I was reminded of just how amazing his work is when I stumbled across his beautiful style applied to the Urb Magazine masthead (via Esper).

Which led me to have a bit of a search for what he's up to at the mo. Amongst other things, he has some beautiful prints available from Cosh (UK). He's definitely a talent to watch.

And - he reminds me why I love type!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

I found the perfect mirror for the new bathroom. I picked up one of these black venetian glass mirrors from Freedom Furniture (quite an unexpected find!). I think it's going to be a hot look with the black glass vanity top and Kartell bougie lamp and Victoria chair... not to mention the floor and wall tiles.

It's kind of kitsch, but that's the look I'm going for. Scarface meets French revolution... Tony meets Bougie hehe.

Tomorrow the stripped bathroom walls are being rendered with concrete - which means the tiling should begin on Monday - which hopefully means the bathroom will be ready by next weekend! I can't wait for the bathroom to be ready. Hurrah for toilets and showers!

my new kicks!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bathroom Mood Board

I made this little moodboard as inspiration for my bathroom. I'm loving a sort of derelict bougie parlour feel... slick surfaces, chandeliers, concrete, plastic, glass and venetian mirrors... Even though the room is small, I want it to feel sumptuous and rich... hopefully the textures will do that.

The Wall

The fecal passage way - ie the toilet door which opened into the fridge - is gone! Which means that soon I'll have a toilet and shower again! YAY!

And yes, that is a whole wall chalkboard (which probably needs repainting now!).

Now for the next conundrum... what colour to paint the kitchen. Cripes.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parents just don't understand.

Parents just don't understand.
An Exhibition of new works by Kevin Lyons.
Opening night Thursday June 26th, 6pm.
Monster Children Gallery.
20 Burton St, Darlinghurst Sydney NSW.
Call (02) 9332 2040 for more information.
Exhibition continues from 27th June til 16th July 2008.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A nice shot of tea

Check out these beautiful porcelain guns and tea sets by Yvonne Lee Schultz are to die for (via Urban Outfitters). She also does so chocolate guns too.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another reason to keep my hair cut

Thanks to the latest Stussy ad in i-D Magazine, I have yet another reason to keep my hair cut as it is. I love my hair. Long bobs and bangs rule.

I like the way...

... the way the pictures are placed on the mantle. Find more about it here at A Cup of Jo.

Foo you

Trend alert... Foo Dogs are so hot right now. Hatch, Decor8 and A Cup of Jo are all featuring images/posts on Chinese Foo Dogs - otherwise known as Fu Dogs, Imperial Guard Dogs, Fu Lions or Lions of Buddha. They were said to have used their mythical powers to guard temples and palaces.

They certainly make very pretty bookends too... Without giving too much away, there is a pair of turquoise Foo Dogs available on a certain auction site at the moment and I might just try to get those puppies!
1. Foo Dog, 2. Foo Dogs, 3. Foo Dogs with Lantern, 4. mini foo dogs, 5. Foo Dog, 6. my foo dogs, 7. Foo, 8. foodog4, 9. 061, 10. Foo Dog in Bookcase, 11. Foo Dog's Boo Boo, 12. foo dog All photos are from my Flickr favourites.

A new favourite to watch

Check out the awesomeness that is Bohemian Hellhole.

Pure Vanity

Ta-da! My vanity finally arrived. It doesn't look like much more than a black desk with a Victoria Ghost parked under it in this photo - but in the flesh it's really beautiful... especially with the sink on top and plastic off the black glass top...

Can't wait until it's installed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Money Shot

Hehehe and here's another little gem on Threadless. It's called 'Money Shot' and it's by Cody Petruk. Now where the heck would you put this one?

Yeah Attitude

This nice four colour poster by Yoann Plard is available now on Threadless.
Yes. Threadless now have stuff, other than t-shirts.

It's a fine line between flattery and plagiarism

You might have heard of DOLK - one of the new breed of new breed stencil artists riding on the coat tails of Banksy et al. Whilst I quite like some of DOLKs ideas, I have a real problem with biting ideas straight up and claiming them as your own (no matter how good the execution). I'm not necessarily saying that's what he's done - but I'm not saying he hasn't either.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery... but where do you draw the line between flattery and plagiary?

I can't say exactly which came first (but I think it was the work by Eelus - anyone who cares to share production dates?) - so maybe it's just a game of chicken or the egg. You have to admit though that some of these themes and even colours are pretty iffy. Although the 2 below are not exactly the same theme, the colours teamed with other work by the artists makes you wonder...

Below: Puppy Love by DOLK

Below: SHAT-AT by EElus

Below: Pappa by DOLK
Some more similar themes...



DOLK: (Grenade Lovers)



There are heaps more... you get the idea though.

Which again begs the question: when does flattery become plagiary?

Arguably, Banksy took, for want of a better term, a great deal of inspiration from Blek le Rat. And I suppose biting in one form or another is the street art way. Someone forgettable once said "There are no original ideas in this world, only ideas to be evolved"... and perhaps that's true.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Hood

Publish PostIt's Nicole's 30th Birthday dinner this Saturday night. And we're going to Table for 20 in Surry Hills! Can't wait.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthdays rule

It was my birthday the other day... and my friend Leticia gave me these 2 beautiful aqua-and-chocolate pillows she made herself! I LOVE them.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The bathroom before...

I think I posted these before and if I did, I'm posting them again. The bathroom reno has begun... which is great and all, but having no toilet and no shower really sucks. Although... looking at these photos, I'm really glad the old bathroom room is gone.

And when I say gone, I mean GONE. Check this out...
It's all E.T. and shit behind that plastic.
See - it's really really gone.
Today the plumber started fixing the pipes... so fingers crossed it'll be pretty much done in 2 weeks. 2 weeks without a toilet or shower? Ohhh man....

Real-life Ghost

I got me a real-life ghost. A Kartell Victoria's Ghost that is. Once the bathroom is done, I'll take some photos of it where it's going to go...

Who is Ruban Rat?

Ruban Rat is a designer toy store and gallery located at 423 King Street, Newtown. Check them out. Buy stuff. They do locate street are tours. And sometimes they have cool exhibitions. Like this one:

Live Zine Printacular

Here's something you don't see everyday - and it's in my very own hood!

Tomorrow night (8pm Tuesday 17th June) at the PACT Theatre Newtown (which is actually located at 107 Railway Parade Erskineville!), Fagette present LiveZINE. Fagette describe it as 'making the stage a page' - an infotainment printacular - where audience and presenters alike contribute to an instantaneously published magazine. And you'll get to take home your own copy of the LiveZINE at the end of the night!

It's just $7 entry and cheap drinks - I'm there!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


It looks like beautiful baroque wallpaper... but take a closer look... Emil Kozak's designs are beautiful, but this really goes beyond in terms of details. 'Barok'n'Roll' is available from Wall Collection.

Ouside, over there

Beci Orpin (the designer behind label Princess Tina) has a new exhibition called 'Outside, over there' opening at Outre Gallery in August.
My custom-made Marimekko lampshades have been featured on the Marimekko blog, Always Mod!

The best of the rest

Anna (Black & Spiro) has posted a sneak peek of her new office on her blog, Absolutely Beautiful Things.

Design Milk is featuring the new Nintendo wall graphics from Blik. I want!

TORC is featuring Karl Grandin's amazing mosaic tiled artwork for Tranan restaurant in Sweden. The mosaics are in the restrooms at Tranan.

TORC is featuring The Inner City Snail: A slow moving street art project. Just when you thought street art couldn't get any bigger... it got smaller, thanks to Slinkachu.