Sunday, May 4, 2008

Going crazy (paving)

Our backyard renovation starts tomorrow.

We're starting with new masonry fences, driveway and roller door. Because we can't have much of anything in the backyard (meaning that anything we do put out their needs to be 120% dog-proof) and a tight budget to work within, finding a way to be creative as well as practical is a bit of a challenge!

One challenge has been to work out what kind of paving to have laid out there. And whilst trying to find the right paver that looks good and is ok for a driveway, working to the budget and being creative all at once, I think I might have found a solution that kills all those birds with one stone (pardon the pun!) - crazy paving.

Otherwise known as random paving, crazy paving uses the off-cut or leftover stone or slate in a random or crazy way. Because the pieces are small and random, they work really well for driveways (no need to worry about cracking - see below). Not only that, because the style uses leftover or broken pieces of stone/slate, it can apparently work out much cheaper than using full tiles...

Not only that but I think it looks absolutely beautiful...

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