Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Ed Hardy is so wrong...

Like you didn't already know, but Ed Hardy is wronger than a pedo dressed as Santa. I'm not sure what makes people think they look good wearing this stuff, but for some stupid reason, they do - and they are willing to pay retarded amounts of cash for the privilege.

Not only that, but some peeps are so down with the look they're prepared to wear fakes too. If they real stuff sucks, why would you wanna fake it? It sort of reminds me of the whole Von Dutch thing. And I'm gonna blame Paris Hilton for that ridiculous fad. Does than mean I can blame her for Ed Hardy too?
But I'm not sure I can blame Paris for these poor blokes. Was it a requirement of purchase that you needed to stick your finger in a power socket when you swiped your credit card? Or did this gear come with free hair gel? Cos what the hell is with the Dragonball Z hair steez...
Awww isn't that sweet - they have to couple dress too. Or group dress. Woah - wait. Groups of grown men, dressed in the same clothing. The only places men being dressed in the same clothing is acceptable is if they are twins/triplets, in the army, or on Oxford St. These dudes are straight - aren't they?
Maybe they are just trying to copy their idols. Like Sly Stallone. I mean, who wouldn't want to be like Sly? Wait... has he had work done? (That was rhetorical)
And the graf references Ed Hardy like to use in their marketing really don't help the models look any less douchey. Wait, is that an Ed Hardy energy drink below? Do they make lunch boxes?
Wow those are some jugs... but I can't take my eyes off the guy on the right. Those locks are to die for.
Mario likes Ed Hardy too. Boy's come a long way since Saved by the Bell.
And there is just no excuse for wearing these jeans. Unless you're painting the house...
Thus end rant on why Ed Hardy is way wrong.


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