Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cold Digits

Winter is hitting Sydney, I've got cold hands and gloves are the go. I'm not talking about the woolie mitten type, because Sydney winters are pretty tame - but the type of gloves that keep your digits warm and your look hotter. SJP rocks these gorgeous Patricia Field half gloves like a pro - and you can pick up these bad boys via the Patricia Field website.
The half gloves come in a range of coloured leathers and start at US$20 a pair. Perfect for Sydney winter - just the right ammount of coverage to keep your fingers snug.

Lace gloves are also pretty sweet. Madonna is still rocking them after all these years. There are so many styles, with or without fingers, frills, ribbons and bows. Importantly they are lightweight and allow your hands to breathe - no sweaty palms.
Madz rocked these black lace bad boys (above) in a recent shoot, but she was rocking white lace numbers more than 20 years way back in Desperately Seeking Susan. And I have to say digging up this old flick really makes me dig on the how Desperately Seeking Susan look. Leather, lace, gold chains and animal print. Pretty darn hot for a look that's more than 20 years old.Below are some simple fingerless lace gloves. I love these cos you can rock some serious nails and still show them off. They are a bit standard, but if you're crafty, you could add your own twist...Add a few chains and bows and suddenly they get super interesting. These could be for day or night - you could rock 'em with kicks in the day or a frock going at night. But you gotta add the hottest of nails of course...
Billy Idol has been rocking fingerless steez since the early 80's. And there's really no denying the awesomeness of Billy Idol. Last season I was rocking a pair of fingerless biker numbers for a bit... so it'd be nice to give it a bit of a twist this year.
Patricia Field is also stocking these rad fingerless numbers that are def a twist on straight black. With a bright accent colour, they are pretty dope if you're like me and need shit that matches you kicks and nails.
Check out the awesome nail job to go with the gloves... these stunners were done by Hello Beautiful @ Patricia Field Salon in NY. I wants!
If you've seen any other rad gloves, hit me up!

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  1. I saw some beauties the other day... i will find you the link...but those Patricia Field babies are lush!