Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Little Pony

I think it's fair to say most girls my age loved My Little Pony's when they were kids. I treasured My Ponies and loved to play with their hair and make up stories about their adventures. Last year the My Little Pony Project launched to mark the 25th Anniversary of My Little Pony. The project asked 25 celebrities and designers to create a pony. The group included the likes of Klor from 123 Klan and Claw. I was more than a little obsessed at the time!

Today I stumbled across the rad My Little Pony artwork of Mari Kasurinen. Mari takes My Little Ponies and remixes them... these are amazing!
Above: My Little Bride (Kill Bill). The detail is amazing!
Above: My Little Alien. I wonder what H.R. Geiger would think of this little nasty!
Above: My Little Joker (Batman). You just gotta love these detail in these!Above: My Little Pan (Pan's Labyrinth). This one is by my favourite! Mari has done all kinds, Star Wars, Masters of the Universe... so amazing!

Visit Mari's website here http://marikasurinen.com/

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