Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Wishes from the Ghetto

I feel a little guilty because I've been so slack - but seriously, I haven't even got time to scratch my ass, let alone wipe it. And on that note, I figure I may as well give myself a well earned getaway-from-Ghetto until after the festy season is done and dusted (but before New Years so I can rattle off my thoughts about the year that was, and of course, my New Years resolutions).

2010 marks the start of some massive changes for me (and I don't mean the change-of-life type changes or the I'm-going-to-be-the-2nd-pregnant-man type changes). I've got a big move to make, side projects in the pipeline, and some kick-ass news to announce - including a Monster House style reno for the Ghetto in the New Year - plus a bunch of other stuff, so stay tuned...

And because I'm working like a Trojan in consumer-hell this Christmas, I'm going to wish you all the very best now and save myself the hassle later.

Merry Christmas fuckers.

Love from your friend,
Cheech Sanchez

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