Thursday, December 17, 2009

Slackers and Fakes

Things are pretty hectic at the moment. Between living out all my childhood Christmas wishes as the voice of a magical tree, hunting random images with a great bunch of people and trying to organise myself to move south of the border in January, I've been neglecting the Ghetto.

The crazy academic-types at Swinburne University have obviously lost the plot because they've let me enroll for 2010. I'll be studying something I'm completely passionate about - interior design. For the uninitiated, Pretty Ghetto actually started out as my personal interior styling blog (which was preceded by Ulterior Interior). It took me ages to think of the name Pretty Ghetto, which came about because I consider my home to be my very own pretty little ghetto. Plus it has a double meaning, and it's an oxymoron. I'm smart-like.

"Where's Swinburne?" I hear you ask. Well folks, it's in Burn City baby - sweet, sweet Melbourne. And I'm not doing it via distance edu-ma-cation. I'm moving to the 'Burn in January. I've already got me a pretty pad with some pretty ladies - So I'm almost ready. But is the Burn ready for me?

I had to visit Burn City on Wednesday to enroll. Very exciting and I came away with a fabulous result - I got enough credit so I will only need to complete 2 out of the 3 years required for the degree. WIN. Not only that, I got to visit my swanky new home, meet (one of) my lovely new housemates, hang out with Bundy and cruise around Fitzroy - even if it was 39 degrees.

On our little adventure we visited Brunswick Street, where I can across these repulsive-yet-somewhat-enchanting Jordan VII Retro Pearl White/Bright Ceramic-Pacific Blue rip-off high heels.
Disturbed, yet undeniably attracted, I tried these trainwrecks on, much to Bundy's amusement. The workmanship was ghastly. The quality was low. They didn't come with a box, but they did come with a second pair of laces. The price, at $180, was ridiculous. An original pair of Jordan VII Retro Pearl White/Bright Ceramic-Pacific Blue look like this:To make matters worse, they had about 12 other colours and styles, like these:
I'm not sure whether I'm thrilled or appalled. I think I'm tending towards the latter. Quite a cunning fake if you ask me, and quite funny to us at the time. Even if the shop assistant didn't really see the funny side...

Still, it made me love Melbourne just that little bit more.

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