Monday, April 21, 2008

Red, Aqua & Brown

Above (L to R): 1. Aqua, Red & Brown, 2. Craftorama, 3. Domestic Voyeur, 4. Domestic Voyeur, 5. Domestic Voyeur, 6. Gruau Moulin Rouge Frenesie, 7. Bad photo, accurate colour, 8. paasky fabric, 9. hotel fox

I'm really struggling with the colours in the bedroom. I think I was a bit over enthusiastic to think it was a good idea get a very expensive pair of marimekko lampshade custom made, without thinking about almost everything else except the lamps themselves and the red kartell side tables they sit on. So now I'm trying to back-match fabric/concepts for cushions, bedspread and headboard that will work...

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