Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Douchebag Dinner Party

Above: Tell your dinner guests what you really think. Reworked vintage china from Trixie Delicious. These little gems from across the ditch can also be found at the Trixie Delicious blog or you can buy them on Etsy.

Above: Just the thing for carrying a long neck to your next dinner party. Not only will this 'brown paper bag' reduce your carbon footprint long term (especially if you drink as many long necks as I think you do), it'll keep that baby cold too. From Urban Outfitters.

Above: These glasses are sure to be a real conversation starter. Maybe you could encourage your guests to decide who gets which glass? From Urban Outfitters.

Above: More cheeky china from Trixie Delicious.

Above: But if you're not the world's greatest host - why not check out The Ghet. What started as a wandering supperclub has become worldwide network for lovers of fine food, cool art and new friends. The Ghet - short for Ghetto Gourmet - started out as an underground social dining project where informal, ’secret’ dining events encourage strangers to connect and eat.

Above: To experience guerilla gastronomy for yourself, visit Zingara Cucina. At this restaurant with no fixed address, prepare for a culinary adventure as you take direction to a secret location & dine from a menu that changes with each sitting to take advantage of seasonal produce.

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