Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More evidence that Melbourne is better than Sydney

Melbourne 114, Sydney 6. This is the number of categorical posts for each City on the Nice Produce blog. Now, I know the Nice Produce guys are from Melbs but... surely Sydney can't be so shite that in the lifetime of the Nice Produce blog, there's only been 6 Sydney things that have been worth posting - OR COULD IT?

So I take a closer look at the 6 posts... and most of the posts are about Melbourne(rs) anyway. First I'm hit with a little story about a show at Ruban Rat in Newtown - but the show is by Loungekat and BoT from Melbs. They've got flicks of the Record Store in Darlo... cept the beautiful art painted on the outside was done by none other than Josh Two Thousand - you guessed it, another Melbournite.

Then they move on to refer to Another Inch (Burton St Darlinghurst) as "one of the few stores repping street culture in Sydney". Big rap considering the interior of the shop was initially done by non other than Reka One - another Melbournian.

We do have the upper hand in one department - Semi-Permanent doesn't do Melbourne (Suck shit Mexicans). And I really enjoyed the way they glazed over that delicious detail when they discussed 1,000 cans.

And although they mostly discuss themselves and how awesome it is when they get to shove their Melbournian awesomeness right in our shameful Sydney faces... they admit they like to eat our food because, it is, undeniably good. Especially Toko. Which all in all, has great food but sometimes, if you're used to good Sydney dining, sometimes leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of service. Maybe they are used to shit service in Melbourne?

In anycase... these things all point to the fact that 1. I need to analyse the 114 Melbourne items on the Nice Produce in further detail, and 2. Maybe the truth is that Melbourne really does shit all over Sydney.

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