Sunday, July 6, 2008

The best of the rest...

Above: I am Jack's raging envy. The BBC & Philippe Starck have teamed up to create Philippe Starck's School of Design. I would beg, borrow, steal and potentially kill to be on that show (as do 50,000 other designer-wannabes). Unfortunately, it also says "all Applicants must be residents of the United Kingdom and must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom and France". Fuck it. Please, please, please - can someone do a reality design show here in Oz? Via Torc.

Above: 50 views of the Arne Jacobsen. A while back I mentioned this year is the 50th anniversary of Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair. This week, The Style Files is featuring the patchwork Eggs designed by legendary Danish designer Tal R for Fritz Hansen.

Above: The next tiny-small-medium-big-bigger-biggest thing. Babushka dolls. Yes. Babushka babushka, yi-ee-yiii. Via Senseless acts of Beauty.

Above: Sweet dreams are made of this. Found via Poppytalk, this absolutely beautiful bed is available through Anthropologie. Unfortunately... they are in the US and I don't think they'd deliver this baby to Sydney.

Above: Hyper Hyper. Apparently hypercolor is making a come back thanks to American Apparel. Found via Notcot. Not sure I'm down with it... maybe when I was 8.

Above: The Money Shots. Apparently the latest thing to get a piece of your favourite currency and combine it with a photo. And presto! You have yourself a money shot. Via Monster Munch.

Above: Undeniable cool: The DeLoreon. A piece of auto-technology rivaled only by Peter Brock's Energy Polariser, the DeLorean was the center piece of the launch of the Air McFly edition of the Nike Hyperdunk. Via High Snobiety.

Above: Co-ordinated kicks-and-handbags. Reeboks' new ladies line found via High Snobette.

Above: Sing me a rainbow... in my lounge room. This amazing patchwork sofa by Bertjan Pot & Frank Buggeman was featured recently on Happy Mundane and I just had to repost it. Love it!

Above: The perect reason to reflect. These TranSglass mirrors by Artecnica will blow your freaking minds. Found via Design Milk.

Above: Disco staircase. The photo is by Photographer Polly Wreford, via Bohemian Hellhole.

Above: Dumpster diving really does pay off. A refurbed, found on the curbside, left-for-the-council-clean-up curiosity cabinet. Restored by Arthur's Circus.

Above: Nanni Holen's Nero Shelf is feautred on Anh-Minh, via Huset.

Above: Just like Cyndi Lauper said, I see your true colours shining through. Absolutely Beautiful Things is featuring the intensely beautiful interiors of Kathy Dalwood.

Above: I like me with you. Cup of Jo features cute stationary from Linda & Harriett.

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