Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bathroom progress...

So yesterday there was a bit of a stuff up with the bathroom. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the feature tiles where installed vertically instead of horizontally. Unfortunately the tiler was given the wrong instructions and that's the way they've gone on the walls. Unfortunately, the tiles were uber expensive, and there's no budget left to buy more, so the tiles are staying the way they are. Not only that, but the fixtures aren't centered on the center line of the tiles (see above). I can't say I'm happy with the result, but unfortunately I'm going to have to live with a less that perfect execution. The moral of the story is - when it comes to something I have designed, I must always give direction personally, and not expect that others around me can deliver the same instructions. As they say - if you want the job done right, you've got to do it yourself!

Thankfully the side walls are almost done - hopefully the walls and floor will be finished on Monday, and then the grouting and fixtures can go in. It's terribly frustrating that this has taken so long.

Above: Detail of the 100x100mm white wall tiles. As you can see, the tiles go all the way from the floor to the ceiling to create a 'wet room' look. I really like the idea of old swimming pool or hospital bathrooms, where everything is really clinical and simple with fat grates and grey/white/black/blue colour schemes.

I used to have a real thing for the X-Large shop on Goulburn St in Surry Hills (now a record store)... it looked like the inside of an old swimming pool - complete with depth measure tiles. I wish I could get hold of some pics of the store now...

Of course my bathroom will be much more white/grey/black - the idea is that it will be a very luxe, bougie wet room.

Above: Detail of the feature tiles on the shower end wall. These tiles are black 300x600mm with a tiny textured grid of metallic squares that run across them. The wall has a real swimming pool gripped tile feel, whiles managing to look really luxe... Here's the idea I was going for...

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