Sunday, June 22, 2008

Foo you

Trend alert... Foo Dogs are so hot right now. Hatch, Decor8 and A Cup of Jo are all featuring images/posts on Chinese Foo Dogs - otherwise known as Fu Dogs, Imperial Guard Dogs, Fu Lions or Lions of Buddha. They were said to have used their mythical powers to guard temples and palaces.

They certainly make very pretty bookends too... Without giving too much away, there is a pair of turquoise Foo Dogs available on a certain auction site at the moment and I might just try to get those puppies!
1. Foo Dog, 2. Foo Dogs, 3. Foo Dogs with Lantern, 4. mini foo dogs, 5. Foo Dog, 6. my foo dogs, 7. Foo, 8. foodog4, 9. 061, 10. Foo Dog in Bookcase, 11. Foo Dog's Boo Boo, 12. foo dog All photos are from my Flickr favourites.

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