Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June issue of NEET online now

And I thought my day couldn't get any better... then I found out the June issue of NEET Magazine is online.

Once again, Stephanie J and her band of merry contributors have done it again with an inspiring issue that has resurrected my faith in my bangs. That's right, after months of having a blunt fringe, I was contemplating growing it out. Then wham! I flick through the pages of NEET only to realise why I have a thick black curtain framing my face. The fringe is back and bigger than ever - proven by the reems of pretty young thangs amongst the pages of NEET sporting banging bangs.

Not only that, but the fact I bought new fat white framed spectacles yesterday has been justified. My hot new glasses got even hotter after seeing these white raybans teamed with a long bob in NEET (above).
Cute girls with bangs? Check. Grey tights? Check. Patent leather heels? Check. Smock dress? Check. Bubbles? Check. Super Talented? Check. I heart the Cherry Blossom Girl (above and below).
Get NEET now! And for the Flickr obsessed, check out the NEET Magazine Flickr group.

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