Saturday, July 25, 2009

Insa x Nike

Check out the Insa x Nike Looking for love in all the wrong places exhibition which is currently being shown at the Nike Sportswear store in London. If Nike actually did create a pair of heels based on the Air Max silhouette, I'd buy them (even though I can't stand sneaker heels).
The exhibition is a geometric feast, with the centerpiece a 6 foot inverted chrome heart.
The exhibition includes a whole bunch of new prints, including these gorgeous prints on mirrors. You can still buy these babies. Click here to find out more.
Maybe my favourite part of the exhibition are these stellar Insa x Nike tees! They come in the standard white on black and Insa pink on black. I'm loving the Insa pink!But maybe even cooler is this white on yellow bootleg tee which was spotted at the show. Hot.
Visit Insa to see more...

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