Monday, June 1, 2009

Can't stop the cop

A few of my latest things. I copped the Nike Skinny Cherry Dunk Hi in beige. Not a design everyone likes, I think they are pretty cute but they might just live in the box for a while. Not sure I can bring myself to wear them, but they make me smile.
The Court Force High Pucci Pack. Yer kind of ugly, but they almost go with anything. And I'm super down with the metallic gold swoosh.
I got these giant circle and heart shaped gold bamboo door knockers off ebay. They are bloody huge.
A black Married to the Mob Shiny Kiss Hoodie. Other bitches might front, but I just get whatever the fuck I want. Don't hate.
And last but not least, Miss Lipstick Lady herself was generous enough to flow me a Sneaker Freaker Ekin tee, which is totally dope with my XXX and MTTM hoodie. Thanks love!

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