Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hypebeast Handicrafts

The other day I had a conversation about a how funny it would be if you made a custom ugg boot that looked like a Nike. Like an Air Max or a Dunk made entirely of sheepskin, with a sheepskin Swoosh etc.

It got me thinking about Hypebeast Handicrafts. I'm sure most of you have read or heard of Hypebeast, the online magazine about fashion, kicks and generally cool culture. I'd seen a few funny cross stitch ideas in the past, like this BMX inspired number:
So I started to wonder if there was any fashion/sneaker/culture handicrafts out there. And apparently there are quite a lot - which resulted in me coining the term Hypebeast Handicrafts. Let's begin with some cross stitch:
Above: I'm not sure how Ice Cube would feel about this one, but I think it'd go down a treat hung on the back of a toilet door. It's certainly a good reminder to wipe.
Above: Thug Life. Enough said.
Above: There's nothing like a cross stitch subway map to remind you of where you're going. Would be a great edition stitched to a writers paint bag - rather than looking at the train map, the writer could have a permanent map.
Above: Now if I had this little gem on my mantle piece, there'd be an emergency in my lounge room everyday.
Above: The perfect Father's Day gift for the unsuspecting Baby Daddy perhaps?
Above: Moving on from cross stitch, I found this little graffiti tapestry. I didn't know people still did tapestry, but apparently so. I have to say I was pretty damn stoked on this bad boy. I want.

Above: Then of course, there's knitting and crochet. Mum used to try to get me to crochet as a kid. And my mate B tried to get me to knit a few years back but I couldn't even get a scarf finished, let alone a Nintendo controller.
Above: So many people I know are ridiculously addicted to Guitar Hero. Being winter and all, I'm sure more than one of them would love one of these babies - a hand knitted Guitar Hero scarf. You could even wear it when you play!
Above: A knitted Super Mario Piranha Plant. I'm not sure I can bare to live without one of these.
Above: A knitted Mario Brothers tissue box holder. I'm pretty sure this would make my Nan's toilet roll dolly's blush.
Above: The Grandmaster Flash tote bag. Sometimes it makes me wonder just how much time people have on their hands to come up with this shit...
Above: Last but not least, a Nike High Top plushie. It's ugly, but I'd like one.

For more stuff like this, check out Geek Craft. And if you see any other good Hypebeast Handicrafts, be sure to let me know!

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