Monday, June 22, 2009

The Divine Miss M

What's not to love about the young Bette Midler?

I think when my Mum was obsessed with the movie Beaches in the 80s I was will to overlook Bette because of the associated uncoolness factor. But more recently I've become very fond of Bette - especially in Gypsy, as the pushy stage Mum.
Looking back over old photos of her, I really dig her 70s/early 80s steez. The frizzy strawberry locks, lots of costume jewelry and an obvious sense of humour. I always loved her in Outrageous Fortune for those dowdy country folk outfits and power suits - but her style off the big screen was rad.
She landed herself a few Rolling Stone magazine covers during the 70s, famously wearing a red nose in one. Funny girl - maybe Bette was to the 70s what Barbra Streisand was in the 60s (incidently I freaking love Babs - 'Yentl' with Mandy Patinkin is a gem - watch it!).
I seriously love these 2 shots of Bette. The blonde afro, smokey eyes, pale skin and red lips own it. She kind of reminds me a little of SJP circa L.A. Story.
Wait that's a lie. They look nothing alike, aside from the curly hair and heavy makeup. But I still like them both.
This last flick is a pearler. That's Miss M with Stevie Wonder at the Grammies. You've got to give her props for her vinyl headpiece - so very hip for the 70s.
I do prefer Bette's 7", but I love the addition of the veiling on the little number abovc... Bette definitely has a style all of her own but it's fun to see little reminders of her style still floating around today. I might have to make me a 7" headpiece!


  1. That BnW pic is sizzlin'!!

    Divine Mis M indeed ;]

  2. She's smokin in the b/w... unusual looks too. Not your average beauty...