Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barcelona: A Hidden Gem...

Tonight I dined at Santa Maria, a little restaurant on my street here is Barca. It's the restaurant you go to when you can't afford/get a reservation at elBulli. Or at least that's the story I'm telling. Santa Maria is run by Paco Guzman, a former student of Ferran Adrià (of elBulli).
Santa Maria has quite a modern, Asian-fusion menu, with a little bit of molecular gastronomy thrown in to spice things up. I had 5 dishes including sweet potato chips as an entree, followed by a prawn and bacon salad, a pork and cheese dish (it was tasty, that's all I got for ya), lemongrass mussels and a dessert called Dracula (it didn't have a description on the menu - just the word Dracula. Of course I had to order it). Dracula looked a bit like this:
And although all the dishes were lovely, Dracula was the best. It uses the elBulli foam technique (you foodies probably know what that is - this one was a Coca-Cola foam). You eat it from the bottom up, mixing from each layer as you go. When you put it in your mouth, it explodes in your mouth like those exploding candies you got as a kid - except it tasted like a cross between cherry coke, fresh berries and fresh cream. Delicious!

For 26EUR I had 5 courses and 2 glasses of wine. Well worth a visit for cheap-ass wannabe foodies like myself! Seriously though - this is a hidden gem.

Santa Maria
Comerç, 17
08003 Barcelona
Ph: +34933151227

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