Monday, October 26, 2009

D.I.Y. Original Fake x Reebok Freestyles

Ever imagined up a pair of fantasy kicks? I do sometimes.

And when I saw these amazing Original Fake shoelaces in Tokyo earlier this month, I just knew they'd be perfect in a brand new pair of white sneakers.
I love a good sheltered workshop - and I love sneaker collaborations - so I decided to create my very own D.I.Y. sneaker collab. And instead of just lacing them up and shoving them back in the box, I decided I'd make it into an online tutorial for everyone to enjoy :)

Here's how make your own D.I.Y. Original Fake x Reebok Freestyles in just 4 easy steps!

Prep time:
10 minutes

Materials required:
1 x fresh pair of white Reebok Freestyles
1 x fresh pair of Original Fake shoelacesStep 1:
Remove boring, white laces from Reebok Freestyles.
Step 2:
Lace Reebok Freestyles with awesome Original Fake shoelaces.
Step 3:
In true Kaws style (see the eyes in the logo below), cross your velcro straps.Step 4:
Enjoy you're beautiful new D.I.Y. collaboration!
Please Note: As far as I'm aware, there are no official Original Fake x Reebok Freestyle collabs past, present or future. I made these for my own enjoyment!


  1. I think it's my new mission to find ways to make other D.I.Y. designer sneakers. Buying too many sneakers has left me empty and unfulfilled. But making the D.I.Y. Original Fake x Reebok Freestyles was fun.

    Actually, I think I liked making the tutorial the most :P

  2. hahaha, lets start a "sneaker collab" crew
    with our freestyles combined whoo

  3. this is giving me ideas. so now i'm gonna be looking for plain kicks that I can do up ;)