Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tokyo: A beer and baseball montage

Last night we all went out to the ball game. Baseball is Japan's national sport, so it only seemed right we go see the Tokyo Yakault Swallows play.
It all started out innocently enough. Laura and I chugged a quick Asahi before we went into the stadium...
We purchased our tickets to sit in the home team stand.....And started drinking more beer. A lot more beer. Giant beers. In every brand imaginable. Asahi, Kirin etc. Which lead me to a startling discovery - beers have different flavors. I always thought all beers tasted like beer (not to mention kind of disgusting). But to my surprise, I actually like Kirin. It's heaps nicer than any of the other Japanese beers we had.The fans were crazy hilarious. They had people conducting chants, and the whole crowd was into it. They even had a brass band tooting away. And when the Swallows hit a home run, the crowd went nuts, everyone put up umbrellas and waved them in the air while they did a special chant heckling the pitcher. Apparently the chant says the pitcher should go back to the showers (so everyone in the crowd has an umbrella). Japanese logic obviously!Thankfully, we ended up with a home team win. We were pretty excited!It's about this point things got a little silly. Or more accurately, I got a little bit silly.I was tooting my horns on metro......And Josh put me in a head lock to keep me under control. Then apparently I started punching him and pushed him towards the edge of the platform. It looks like I was having mad fun!Back at the hotel, the wifi posse hit the net...Are these two not the cutest bitches you've ever seen? KAWAII!
It wasn't long after this I passed out cold. And despite all odds, I didn't wake up with a hang over this morning (thank God)!

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