Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kyoto: Let's get cultural

As they say, when in Rome (or Kyoto as it might be), you gotta get down with the local culture. Here in Kyoto is first time in my entire trip that I've really gone out looking for cultural sites.

Last night, defying jet lag, we went for a walk to the edge of the Gion district and then out for dinner to a rather expensive and underwhelming traditional style restaurant in Kyoto (it did have a pretty view of Gion though). But they put Poh's presentation to shame:
Then today (after a slow start which included Josh and I snoozing an hour through the alarm to be woken up by Ki Ki banging on our door) we decided to hire bikes and ride around Kyoto. This turned to be a fantastic idea:We rode to the Imperial Palace - unfortunately we couldn't go inside because we didn't have permits (you need to pre-arrange a permit if you want to visit) but the outside was very impressive:
We found shrines:
Ate even more at a secret spot Tadaaki told me about:
I got cosy with a big boy:Ki Ki found her ultimate ride - a purple taxi:
We visited Kinkakuji - the golden temple:
We found more shrines:
Sexy Grimace went to McDonalds:
We found Hatori Hanzo's shop:
Then we dropped the bikes off, and the had some bevvies at the hotel:
...While I had some snooze time. I'm still so jet lagged. Wahhhh.


  1. Kyoto now too?!?!?!? AGAGA You are going to make me die of jealous senorita! por queeee?!?!? LOL.

  2. i don't know why, but that japanese can of mystery looks like it would taste sooo good.

  3. Mmm mystery foods. I've been eating them for the last few days. You win some, you loose some...

  4. Rio: It's been awesome but I can't say I'm not excited about having a bit of down time at home. Then again, I don't have a home now, so I thought the best thing to do when I get back to Sydney was to go to NYC for 2 weeks. Then I'll really be mad broke. eek.