Monday, October 12, 2009

Tokyo: Inspiration in the backseat of a Tokyo taxi

The first time I caught a cab in Tokyo, I was both shocked and amazed. Shocked at how much the ride cost, and amazed at the cab itself. Firstly, the door opens automatically. Then when you get in, you discover that all the seats are covered in lace doilies just like your Grandma kept in her glory box.
It's not like lace is anything new - it originated in the 15th or 16th century and has been in and out of fashion ever since.Maybe I'm a little inspired by my mode of transportation. Or maybe I just really dig on lace. Ironic as it may seem, those daggy seat covers reminded me of just how cool lace can be. I mean, I read Leopard Print & Lace religiously. Those lady's see the radness of lace.
Of course, this isn't the first time I've written about lace. For a while I was (and continue to be) quite smitten with lace furniture - click here to see.
Then before the start of winter, I was obsessed with lace (and other kinds of) gloves... clicky.
And if you wanna go way, way back... when I was a kid, I loved using paper doilies as stencils and painting lace patterns on things. I wonder why I never see doilie patterns stenciled around Newtown?Now I've got my eye on these lace Air Jordan 1 Retros. I saw them again today at Kicks Lab in Harajuku. I still haven't made up my mind completely, but they're on my radar. Along with a bunch of other lace stuff......Like lace leggings (maybe not white ones, but still). I've been looking for the perfect pair for quite a while without success. But I'm going to try again tomorrow when I visit Opening Ceremony in Shibuya.Or these beautiful Maison Michel lace animal ears as worn by Lady Ga Ga and the Olsen twins.
Even I have to admit Maison Michel is a long way from the backseat of a Tokyo taxi... either way, lace is rad. I might need to get Mum to teach me to crochet again.



  2. I think she's doing the world a favor by covering her face.

  3. love the bunny ears look !! for a diy version, but not with lace, read here: