Saturday, October 10, 2009

Osaka: Damn you tiny feet!

We survived the typhoon. It ended up being quite a nice day. But instead of taking in the cultural surrounds of Hiroshima, we decided the only thing we could do after being blasted with rain the night before was going shopping in Osaka. We checked out Denden Town (electronics area) first, and then wandered through Namba where there's a giant mall that's more than 2km long. Needless to say I behaved myself and didn't buy anything.

But the desire to seek sneaks was overwhelming. After we picked Ash from the hotel, I took the crew to Fight Club.
Which turned out pretty rad for Glenn - he scored a pair of Laser Blue Air Max 90s. SO JEALOUS. They only had one pair in a US10. Damn you tiny girl feet! I didn't by anything. Then I took the crew on a bit of a wild goose chase to find the Osaka Skit store. I knew roughly where it was, but not exactly. I asked for directions here and there along the way, and I knew we were close. After walking a bit too far along the right street, we finally found ourselves at Skit.
It was almost as good as Tokyo Skit. I still didn't buy anything. So we took silly photos instead. And the Man Mountain was tired...So we turned back, and headed for the hotel. Along the way we found another sneaker store (I don't know the name). They had something that nearly made me cry. A pair of Ferris Bueller Dunks in a men's US10. See my sad face? That's what happens when I don't get what I want (ie men's US7-8).
Still, a good day was had by all. And now I'm mad excited for what sneaks might be found in Tokyo...


  1. Sick! I wore those today! (Not in size 10).

  2. naw mad cute. I dig 'em. oh well... one day I might be lucky enough to find a pair...