Thursday, October 1, 2009

TOPSHOP Sydney - Read the fine print ladies

Geebuz - some kind of contagious fever has swept through the majority of my female Facebook friends this morning -Topshop fever.

Yer, yer - this article starts out by making it sound all fabulous and shit. Like Topshop is opening a real store in Sydney. But pay attention ladies - it's Incu Presents Topshop. And it's going to be housed in the second floor of the Incu store on Oxford Street in Paddington.
Not that I don't dig Incu - I really do. And I've been a loyal Incu customer for many years. But... I don't know how many of you have been to the Incu store - because Oxford St Paddington is hardly Oxford Circus. What I'm getting at is the Incu store ain't that big, leading me to believe it'll be a shelf collection. Even the article states they'll be getting stock shipments once a month, as opposed to Oxford Circus which gets a shipment of new stock every day. And then it remains to be seen whether Incu can maintain their 'cool' stock and clientele whilst entering the world of High St fashion giants.

Tokyo has a similar, limited-stock Topshop in Galleries Lafayette. And it was probably the most disappointing shopping experience of my life (especially considering Galleries Lafayette is so fucking rad). I was expecting the entire line as shown on the Topshop website (especially because other High Street giants have such huge stores in Tokyo - H&M is monsterous) - but I'm afraid to report it wasn't anywhere near that. So I expect the Incu Presents Topshop to be the same, or worse.

So don't close your shopping basket window in your web browser just yet my pretties - you might still want to buy online.

Meanwhile, I'm off to London tomorrow and I'll be visiting the real Topshop Oxford Circus one last time before I come back to Oz!


  1. whoo! did u know geebuz (jeebus) is actually my nickname? win/weird.

  2. booooooo!!
    fake top shop is shite.

    p.s met an american chick over here in chiang mai who was going on and on and on about how "amazing" the clothing store supre was...


  3. Hay Cheech!

    Thought you might like the chance to win a $500 Topshop voucher to spend at the new store. Time Out Sydney are giving away 6 of these. check out competition details here:

    Good luck!

  4. You think it's a stooge for Incu or something?