Saturday, October 10, 2009

Get your stink on

I love you Rob Dyrdek, but this time you've gone too far. There's a line, and you've crossed it. I know you're a fame-hungry wannabe mogul, but putting your face of a can of B.O. basher isn't going to make you bigger than Tony Hawk - we're just going to think you stink.

And now you can smell like Rob Dyrdek too.

TAG body spray have released a celebrity range including Dyrdek and rapper Ludacris. The whole idea is a bit of a joke really - trying to make some money off low-end celebrity stank (yes, I know the Britney/Mariah model works, but they're marketed to chicks). Except some marketing execs out there obviously took the idea quite seriously, and pushed it into production.

Dyrdek's fragrance is called 'Make Moves' (sooo Dyrdek). I would have preferred 'Do Work' - much more appropriate for a Dyrdek spray on shower. But maybe Big (you remember him - Dyrdek's rent-a-friend who got the chop when he wanted bigger things) would want a cut?

The scent is described as fresh, unconventional, unprecedented & unique. So I'm still not quite sure what it smells like - top notes of Red Bull perhaps? Whoever wrote the scent description copy should be shot. In fact, I bet Dyrdek wrote it himself and thought it was hell funny - which is half true but only in the I'm-laughing-at-you-not-with-you kind of way.

Either way, they're media buyer must be moonlighting as a comedian - banner ads running on SlamXHype, right next to Comme des Garcons. Boom tish.


  1. Will my tags smell like Rob??? is there a Big B.O. as well? you see that would make sense... would Big's come with a fatcap... "bomb like your tags don't stink, with Rob and Big..."