Friday, October 9, 2009

Osaka: Raining one day, typhoon the next

We left Kyoto and headed for Osaka on the bullet train.

On the way my poor bag broke. The entire wheel ripped off (but the wheel was fully intact). In the end it was lucky we saved the wheel (so I could DYI it back together).Josh saved the day and carried my bag through at least 3 stations and 2 train changes. The Man Mountain is a genuine legend (thank god he was a bit tipsy)!
When we finally arrived at the station near our hotel, we discovered the weather had turned quite nasty - a typhoon in fact. Having never experienced a typhoon before, we discovered this means really windy rain. It's sort of funny because one minute the rain is belting down in every direction and you're soaked, then the next thing you know the wind is blowing so hard your dry again. Luckily our hotel was right next to the train station.
We were planning to travel to Hiroshima the next day, but the weather was really wild so we decided to cancel in case. We were all pretty exhausted from a long day, so we got some food and hit the Zzzzz...

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