Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Is Melburn really all that?

Dave and I made our (now) annual pilgrimage to Melburn last weekend. As I am currently in the middle of deciding to make the big move south, I kept my eyes and ears peeled over the weekend for more reason why I should (or should not) move to the 'Burn. I'm still sitting on the fence, so I decided to rate my little getaway to see if Burncity is a winner or a loser...

1. So long, sucker
By now, y'all would have seen and heard the amusing rockstar antics of graf legend-turned-diva Revok displayed whilst he had his now famous vandal vacation in Melbs over the past few weeks. Some of his work was quite ballsy, like this stomper on the Westgate, which we thought we'd get to see on our way into Burncity.
Funnily enough, Hooks/Revok had been replaced by this clever number at the hands of Treo/ID.
I'm giving Melbs 1 point for the locals lads sticking up for what's theirs!

2. The Causeway
We stayed at a modern little business hotel called the Causeway, right smack bang in the middle of Burncity. I'd definitely give Melbs 1 point for the Causeway. But if I move to Melbs, I won't need to stay there any more. Minus 1 point.

3. Crablicious
Dave and I have a special spot we like to go for din-dins while we're in Melbs where they don't mind so much if you eat with your hands and make a mess of yourself. Clay Pots in St Kilda.
They give you bibs and encourage you to eat more and more. We ate sea urchin, scallops, crab, prawns and mussels amongst other things. It's delicious. Melbs, you get a solid 1 point for this fab joint.

4. Don't try this at home, kids
Yeah, I know you can get Cold Rock in Sydney too, but I'm more likely to try something new when I'm out of my comfort zone. For example, different flavors of ice cream. I'm strictly a vanilla girl. Usually the furthest I'll go is hokey pokey, or the occasional cookies'n'cream. Even at Cold Rock I generally get vanilla and 1 or 2 mixers, like gummi bears or cookie dough.

But this time I went over the edge. Vanilla with nerds and sherbert. I think my head imploded. 1 point for getting my balls out in Burncity.

5. Yellow Bird
Cool cafe, shit weather. Yellow Bird is a neat little spot on Chapel Street that makes really nice food and doubles as a bar at night. Would have been nice to sit outside except the umbrellas they had out front didn't shield us from the stupid Melburn rain. At least Dave got his rocks of touching the curtains. I'm giving the 'Burn 1 point for Yellow Bird, but minus 1 for the weather.

6. Everfresh Studio
The boys at Everfresh were nice enough to let us come have a stickybeak around the studio the night before they had their (now infamous) party. It's a pretty rad studio. 1 point.

7. My happy face
Dave took this photo of me on the tram on Friday night because he said I was really happy. I was. I guess sometimes Melbs can have that effect. 1 point. Or maybe it was just really great seeing Dave? I'll give Melbs a bonus point just because I'm so happy - total 2 points.

8. Bettina in a VIDEO GAME?
We saw the new Grand Theft Auto ads for the first time in Melbs and Dave came up witht the legendary call that it looks just a cartoon version of out mate B.
The likeness is almost uncanny - here's a photo of B and I from a while back when we dressed up for a work Christmas party (that's her on the left and me on the right). She's even dressed the same. I'm giving Melbs 1 point for being the first place to remind me of how funny it was later that night when I had to cut her out of that Chinese dress... but minus 1 point for reminding me of how much I'll miss B if I move to Melbs.

9. Not-so-Fresh when the cops turn up...
The Everfresh party was pretty good until the cops showed up. So I'm give Melbs 1 point for knowing how to throw a good party; 1 point for this guy who showed up in the dopest Marty McFly costume (including actual hoverboard):
Minus 1 point for the harsh attitude displayed by the Victoria Police and 1 point for the Vic cop who seemed to be checking Spice...

10. What is Ironlak Frenzy?
Answer: What get when you cross some of Auckland's best writers, a Melbourne laneway and a shitload of Ironlak. Phats, Diva, Saves... it was definitely 20 hot minutes in this tiny alley way. There were peeps on bins, on crates, cans hissing, punters mesmerised...
Then the cops showed up cos people where complaining about the fumes. Only in Melbs could 10 or so people bomb a laneway in the CBD and get in trouble because the paint fumes were a bit woofy. I think I love you Melburn. 1 point for being so cool.

Final Scores
For Melbs: 13 points
Against Melbs: 3 points

Burncity is the winner!


  1. 4. I SO have to intro you to the bubblegum flavour with nerds mixed through. BEST.

    9. That guys outfit is nowhere near the coolest it could be. It needs Glenn's Back to the Future 2 Marty Mc Fly cap. Now that's the coolest thing from Back to the Future!

  2. I concur. It's a rather biased scale all in all. I mean, it's hardly the best way to decide if I should move cities. I could use the same point system to score New York and no doubt it'd leave me with an indication I should move here too (which isn't gonna happen).

    I think our summer fun times will ultimately be the deciding factor ;) Oh, and something called a uni place... :P

  3. oh, and a Summer of fun it will be ;-)