Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Hotness: Drop the Lime

His sound has been described as "chopped-up breaks making hairpin turns, breakdowns coming out of nowhere, a foundation of wobbling goblin bass often cut in with tropical, clacking snares".

And he's not bad to look at either.
Drop the Lime, AKA Luca Venezia, is a native New Yorker who runs the label Trouble & Bass. If you haven't heard of Trouble & Bass, think Acid Jacks, AC Slater and Starkey. Bass heavy sounds with a East Coast twist.
Sometimes my timing is impeccably crap. I was peeved when I was in NYC because DTL was touring Europe. Luckily, this month DTL is touring Oz for the Stereosonic festival. But I've been really worried I'd have to go against my better judgment and try to blag a ticket. Or worse - buy a ticket to Stereosonic just to see him play.
Thankfully, I just found out DTL will be playing his own show at Chinese Laundry on the 4/12. WIN! Another reason not to go to any festivals. And even better, Laundry means it's possible to get up close and personal with The Hotness himself.
True, he is a bit of a hipster. But a hipster who likes bassline house. And he does seem to wear a lot of muscle shirts (but lacks muscle).
I'd still tap that.

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