Monday, November 16, 2009

New York: Last Day

I spent my last full day in NYC chilling with Meggs and checking out some of the Manhattan spots I hadn't had the chance to get to. After chowing down on an amazing lox scallion bagel, we hit Central Park for a bit of a wander.
Which of course was followed by more food. We ended up at the Lexington Candy Shop on the Upper East Side where we ate giant club sandwiches.
Then it was off to the Guggenheim. They had a Kandinsky exhibition running, but to be honest I was more impressed by the building itself.
Kandinsky isn't really my thing, but I do like some of his geometric abstract work.
I was however ultra impressed by the Anish Kapoor sculpture, Memory.
Then we walked over to MoMA. Unfortunately it was getting late - MoMA closes at 5.30pm. We got there just in time to be given free entry for a little taste of what MoMA has to offer. We got kicked out just as we got to the Warhol's.

After that, I finally got to see something I've been wanting to see for years and years. Robert Indiana's Love sculpture.
Then a bit of a mission through Chinatown, and ramen noodles in the East Village. What a day!

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