Saturday, November 14, 2009

New York: Most Dedicated

Stupid rainy November New York weather. I think I ruined a pair of kicks today because of the rain. But I did a massive loop of the whole of Manhattan (and some) today despite the rain. I went up to the Bronx, hit Tuff City Styles, then to Harlem, to Atmos.

Then I went to Time Square.
Then all the way down to the Staten Island Ferry, except it was so foggy I didn't think it was worth catching, so I walked down to the Brooklyn Bridge.And to the very wet and deserted Brooklyn Banks.Then back through Chinatown towards the East Village.I made a pit stop along the way, and snapped up two pairs of sneaks from Classic Kicks for next to nothing. A pair of Structures and finally, a pair of AM1s.

And despite the rain, now I'm getting ready to head over to Brooklyn for the Darkroom @ COCO66 - BK dubstep at it's finest. Kinda amped to see if Dave Gee (Method NYC) plays (Darkroom has a rotating roster of DJs so you never quite know what you might get).
Before I left for NY, I promised Emzilla I'd get a 40 ounce and drink on Carrie's stoop. Unfortunately I couldn't follow through on the Carrie's stoop part, but I managed to score a 40 ounce of Old English just for you babe (insert obligatory photo of hipster pose with the bottle)! Cunz!
Wow I really look like a muppet in this photo...


  1. Jyeah!!! Did it taste like dishwater? Haha much love cheech! Whoooppppp

  2. ...yeah but a hipster muppet fo' sure ;] Nice shots!

  3. Honestly, I didn't open it. It doesn't look like it would taste very nice. Haha