Thursday, November 12, 2009

New York: Empire State Building, Muppet Making, Giant Pianos and ribs so good they make you sick

Emzilla's dilemma - Magners, or Bulmers?Veteran's Day Parade Princes and Princesses...I love NYPD.You dirty rat.Macy's.The view from the top.FAO Schwarz Whatnot Workshop.
We made muppets!They're totally BFFs (no homo).
I nearly didn't have a go on the giant piano, but I did in the end.Daisy May's BBQ USA for dinner. Best ribs in NYC apparently. Tennessee Whiskey pork ribs are so good, but so evil. I think I got some kind of food poisoning...
And finally... the Trouble & Bass night at Ella. Holy shit, epic day!

1 comment:

  1. fuck me, my shop awwwwww

    dope run down of the day babe!

    loving the muppets hard and no wonder the ribs made you feel a little full