Sunday, November 22, 2009

L.A. Gear Lights are back

Christmas eve, 1992 (ish). You've pawed all the presents under the Christmas tree. All the ones addressed to you feel like jumpers or CD wallets. You don't really believe in Santa anymore but you're hoping if you leave out some Tim Tams and a beer, you're gonna find a pair of L.A. Gear Lights with your name on them left under the tree in the morning...Never got a pair? Me either. I was the loser who had to be satisfied by bitterly envying the cool kids who'd some how managed to swindle a pair of Lights.
But never fear - L.A. Gear Lights are back! According to the L.A. Gear blog, the new Lights are due to drop in around 20 days time at Sportie L.A. They'll be available in 2 colourways:
Personally, I think the white are a bit bland, but the greys are pretty dope. And the lights are an intoxicating novelty! I'm sure they've be available to us Aussie's on eBay within seconds for an over inflated price.

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  1. Wow, I had these as a kid but they didn't look this good! Hoping I can talk Santa into putting these new drops under our tree ;) dope!