Friday, November 13, 2009

New York: Max Fish, Katz Deli & Dim Mak Rockers

After a bit of a false start at Ron English's show opening at Opera Gallery (guest list only), last night turned out to be pretty epic. Things kicked off at Ella, a very cool little bar just of Houston on the LES. They make excellent cocktails that taste even better during happy hour!
Next up, ciders and animated conversations at New York hipster haven Max Fish.
Nestled neatly amongst the other New York institutions on Ludlow, Max Fish was pretty quiet on arrival. 2 ciders later and the place was cranking. By this point I was pretty tipsy, so I really had to do a double take when non-other than El-P himself strolled into the bar. I was pretty starstruck, and all I could do was fumble for my phone so I could drunkenly text Emzilla. I wanted to say hello and ask if I could take a photo - but I was too drunk and awkward. Oh well.
Having already drunk quiet a few cocktails and ciders, I was pretty much busting to go by the time I decided to venture into the famed Max Fish toilets.
They did not disappoint, rivaling the (arguably) greatest graffiti toilets in the world - Sydney's very own Cricketer's Arms. Maybe I'm biased, but personally, I think the Crick's loos are still the best.
Hung out by the sticker-combo'd pool table for a while, where some of the local characters congregated.
Pony-tail dude was totally awesome. Not sure what I liked most - his pony-tail or his fanny-pack.
It was about this point I either needed to eat, or I'd end up in the gutter with Meggs holding my hair back while I re-tasted the rainbow. Katz Deli is right across the road from Max Fish, so it was the obvious choice for dinner.
Katz Deli is one of those spots in NY that you just have to try. It's been around since 1888 and is a real NY institution. It's referenced and used in loads of movies and modern culture, but it's probably best known for the 'I'll have what she's having' orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally. They even have a sign hanging about the table from the flick, so you can sit there if you'd like.
I was pretty loose by this point, and I was having a really hard time choosing what I wanted to eat. I ended up getting a Knish, steak fries and some kind of pastrami sandwich. The potions were huge! And I was pleasantly surprised to find they supply complimentary pickles. I LOVE PICKLES!Then it was on to Cloak & Dagger, the Dim Mak x Alife party at Santos Partyhaus.
Never heard of Dim Mak? It's the record label run by none other than Steve Aoki. They're doing big things right now.
Cloak and Dagger was jammed by the time we got there. The lineup included Fisherspooner and Junior Sanchez.
The crowd was pretty up for it, with the entire dancefloor and stage rocking. But there was this one particularly awesome character who stood out from all the rest.He looked like he was having a ball and I was mesmerised by his giant visor and shiny, skin-tight white pants. Visor dude, I salute you!After many more drinks, dancing and shit talk, we took a yellow cab back to Max Fish for a few more ciders. Heated discussion ensued about a dude who looked like Aesop Rock.
By this point I was intoxicated enough to balls-up and ask the dude if he was Aesop Rock. The dude and his friends thought it was pretty funny. They said Aesop Rock is much taller. I was slightly embarassed, but convinced it must have been him.

And with that, this Cinderella left the ball and walked home.


  1. yeahhh dope!!!!!

    Still say you should have balls up and spoken to El-p... :)

  2. I concur. But I was gobsmacked. I didn't expect him to be there!!!

  3. ps those structures are dope ;)

  4. Wonder where I've seen 'em before? ;)

  5. katz is awesome! and the dim mak party was madness!!