Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New York: Tough Love is AMAZING!

I met the AMAZING Jes from Tough Love NYC. We met up in the East Village for a few drinks, a mad chat and a slice of $1 pizza. We shared stories, and I think she really liked the one about how Australia uses magical, rainbow-coloured plastic money that you can wash and it doesn't disolve like paper money...
...And she blogs faster than me! She already blogged about it here! PROPS!
This girl has some serious flair! In the photo shoot I recently worked on for C.O.P., we used some Tough Love pieces. Jes was totally jazzed on the shoot - which is AMAZING! She also mentioned she'd be bringing out some dope new gear soon - can't wait for her next Tough Love drop...
Word of the night - AMAZING! Much love girl xxx

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