Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dope Steez: Lady Sovereign

Love her or hate her, Lady Sovereign has some mad styles. And I'm loving seeing her staying true to her steez - but maturing. In the early days she was pretty tom-boyish, but cute as a button...
Rocking baggy tees, jeans and kicks with a girlish twist, she was quite a pin-up girl for the grime scene. Tough, but so damn cute! Now the braids and Sporty Spice pony-tail are gone, and she's looking foxy as - still working the tom-boy a little, but with a bit more maturity and class. She's still rocking lots of Stussy and Adidas which is great to see.
And she's rocking a serious colour job on her hair... pretty cute. Loving the crimp too - makes me wish I had a pair of crimpers like when I was a kid. Maybe I need to invest in some...?
I'm pretty sweet on the whole girl/cap look. I've been debating whether chicks can really rock caps and do it well - and I kinda think Lady Sov proves it can be done. And I'm loving the edgy twist with the big chunky necklaces and jewellery worn with hats and hoodies. Adds such a feminine twist to boyish looks.
At just 23, she's done really well from starting out as an MC in the UK Grime scene. Touring with Gwen Stefani, about to drop a new album, managing to stay true to her own steez in an industry that is hellbent on reinvention of pop artists into popbots... and I think it's super rad she's managed to hang on to who she is.

It's gotta be pretty tough growing up infront of the world. She was pretty young when she blew up, and just like other childstars, it's gotta be hard to know who you really are when you're in the spotlight.
In a world that seems to focus so heavily on women looking a certain way - 6'0" 45kg amazons with fake tits - Lady Sov is so fresh. She doesn't try to be somethng she's not - but she's rad exactly the way she is. That's what makes her special.
But for cute little tomboy, she can definitely heat things up if she wants to. I' not sure when the pic above was taking, but the girl is gorgeous & sassy. Check out her latest tunes ('So Human' features a Cure sample) here at her website/MySpace...

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