Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bombing in Heels?

Alex Fakso is an amazing photographer who started out shooting skating and graffiti. A few years ago he released the gorgeous book 'Heavy Metal' which is a collection of photographs he took of graf artists as they mission to paint trains. His photographs are raw and honest - a must see for anyone interested in graf photography. Visit Alex Fakso's website here.

This morning I was excited to see an update on Insa's myspace saying he'd added some new photos Fakso had sent him to the Insa Blog - photos featuring girls bombing trains in Insa heels. My mind went into overload, I almost couldn't believe how cool the concept was - until I saw the photos.
I can't say I wasn't disappointed. Here I was, picturing a sexy girl (although she is), in Insa heels (although she is), marker/can in hand, bombing some rattlers hardcore. Instead she's just standing there like a dead fish in a fishing net. Where's the Krink? Where's the Ironlak? Where was the raw honesty I've come to love from Fakso?

I'm going to blame de German Art Director (hopefully there was one) that must have directed the shoot. Or maybe there are more pictures from the shoot that Fakso hasn't released.

In anycase, if you're gonna do a shoot about girls bombing in heels - give them some paint. See the other flicks here...

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