Monday, May 18, 2009

I need a sneak fix

Being unemployed has it's upsides - and it's downsides. One of the latter is that I haven't bought sneaks for weeks. And weeks. I'm trying to conserve cash money for Tokyo & NY, but it's tough not getting my fix. I've been buy 1-2 pairs a month solidly for so long - and now I'm jonesing.

So I started to fantasise about what kicks I'd really, really like. There hasn't been any recent drops I've loved, so I've been trawlling old stuff for my fix.

Of course, the number 1 on my fantasy sneaks list are the red & white Valentine 90s. I'm a huge fan of the duel colour - but the yellow and white 90s I copped about 6 weeks ago just aren't cutting it. But they aren't available in Australia as far as I'm aware. So I'm hoping one day I'll stumble across a pair on eBay that are my size. Drool.
Next up, I've been cruising for Jordans. 3s or 5s to be precise. And I'm stinging for a pair of Cool Grey 3s. But finding these bad boys in a small size is like trying to find a chicken with a tooth. Pretty much impossible.
I can't really decide which colourway I like most in 5s, and I'd be willing to take any I could find in my size quite frankly. I'm always checking out eBay, but generally they only have big sizes (damn you, girl feet!). Maybe I'm gonna have to try to cop some in kids size.
I like the white but I always think I look like Jerry Seinfeld in white shoes. It reminds me of Dads who wear jolly joggers and bad ass jeans from Lowes - I just can't do an all white (or almost all white) shoe. So maybe black would be the go.
Even though every man and his dog has them, I think I want a pair of Persians. I really like my red/black/whites, and I've really got the vibe for BWs at the mo. So I'd like to grab a pair of these puppies while they are still around and put them away for a rainy day (or a sunny day actually!).Footlocker have just dropped the reverse Persian BW for the ladies. I'm kinda digging them, and they'd make the perfect companion for the Persians. The can sit in the box for the day after the sunny day I wear the Persians.
Finally, I wish I'd copped some Infrareds. I didn't cos everyone was rocking them, but now no one is so I wish I was. Damn. But I'm sure I can find some - and I heard a rumour that Hype at Australia Square has them...
Now I think I'm jonesing worse. Damn.

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