Monday, May 4, 2009

Nike Twilight

Nike have recently released these bad boys - the Nike Twilight. They are a hybrid of the Pegasus, Structure and Stab. With a design inspired by the tread and front panels of the Stab; the heel detail of the Pegasus; and lace and swoosh panels of the Structure, this tidy model has it all. I would give my left arm for a pair of these in this colourway. Here are the 3 models the Twilight is based on...

Funny thing is I've never been a fan of Pegasus (above). I've always found them a bit plain, like something Jerry Seinfeld would wear with bad straight man jeans.

I really love the design of Air Stab (above), but I've always struggled to wear them. I always find the make and materials really hard and they give me serious blisters. Hopefully the Twilight is more like the Pegasus or Structure in terms of materials.

Of the 3 models used in the hybrid, the Nike Structure (above) is definitely my fav. I have 2 pairs of Structure (I have the exact pair above) and I almost like them better than 90s. Almost. Quite frankly it's a shame they don't come in more colourways.

I'd love to get my paws on a pair of Twilights. They also come in a second colourway (above), but I think I prefer the other one. Both of them are pretty damn hot though... fingers crossed they drop downunder real soon...

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