Saturday, May 23, 2009

Writer Portrait #2: KID ZOOM

Last weekend I was lucky enough to grab a rad portrait of the artist many are calling the next big thing - Kid Zoom. Here's a sneak peek...
This month, KZ has the cover of Acclaim Magazine this month - the first artist collab Acclaim has done. There's an auction running on eBay at the moment where you can buy the original artwork KZ created for the cover. Check out the auction here.
The collab follows on from KZ's signature work with vintage Playboy Magazine covers. These original pieces have been featured in a number of exhibitions including Trailblazers.
More recently, KZ has been working on unique bus shelter artwork that can be seen from time to time at various locations through out Sydney.
KZ is an amazingly talented yet humble artist. I'm convinced KZ was as keen to paint with our crew as he would be in having his own show or being featured on the cover of a magazine. His style is unique and it was a thrill to see him paint. Check out more of KZ's beautiful work here...

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