Sunday, May 31, 2009

DJ Sega: chronic crotch grabber

On Friday night, Ki Ki, Mookie and Myself had a bit of a girlie night and went to see DJ Sega play at Oxford Art Factory. While we was there, I grabbed DJ Sega to pose for this Scissor Crew Blog photo (above) with Mookie and Ki Ki.
We got ourselves into a prime position on the dance floor at the front of the stage - right in front of the dj booth. We thought this would be the best spot to dance, and give us the best view. But we got a little more than we bargained for...
FACT: DJ Sega is a crotch grabber.

I noticed him do it once and I gave him the benefit of the doubt - after all, he could have worn the wrong underwear. Then I noticed him do it again. And again. In time with the music. He was dancing and grabbing it. I looked around, and other people had noticed too. There we all were, mesmerised by DJ Sega continuously grabbing on his junk in the front. He seemed to be enjoying himself - it looked like he enjoys a good grab in front of a crowd.

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