Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puma x Bode

Puma have just dropped the latest Bode collab. The first collab featured Vaughn Bode's famous Cheech Wizard, but this time around these cute little hi tops feature Da Lizard and come in 2 colourways - blue and green.
Da Lizard (above left) was a character that featured heavily in the work of Vaughn Bode, along with Cheech Wizard (above right). Bode's characters have had a huge influence on graffiti still to this day. Puma first kicked off their Bode collabs in 2007 with the Clyde Cheech Wizard Edition.
The Da Lizard edition follows on from this, and features an embroidered characters, Bode sole detail and inner tongue lining featuring Da Lizard’s portrait and logo.Hopefully we'll get these in Australia, but don't hold your breathe! They dropped on Saturday 16th May elsewhere.

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