Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I'm a little obsessed with drippy tags at the mo (thanks for the photo Mr Rad). Maybe it started out with checking out KR's boards at No Comply. Maybe it started before that when someone was messing around with Krink inks in my dining room. Either way, I'm intrigued. I love that drippiness makes it even harder to read.

KR is the graf artist behind Krink inks. He's known for his unique use of drips on all manner of things, from doorways to fire extinguishers to post boxes and collaborations with Nike. These are some of his post boxes from the US...
And these are his colab with Nike. He recently came out to Australia for No Comply.

While he was here, he did his thing with a good old Aussie post box and got some t-shirts done. I was even more stoked when I discovered this picture of the tee, modelled by none other than Bridge. The tee is hot but I think Bridge wearing it will make sure lots and lots of boys buy it. You can get one here for $90 AUD.

Then he jetted off to Moscow for the Faces & Laces exhibition, and let loose with more drips than Mr Whippy on a 40 degree day. Taste the drippy rainbow. Although I like KR's work right now, I was skeptical of whether interest in big drips can be sustained. I was pretty disappointed in his skateboards at No Comply - I didn't really think they were anywhere near as interesting as some of his other work I'd seen.

But then I discovered his Blue House project... and my interest sparked again. Basically he painted the house above as part of a collaboration show with Stussy, Nike, KAWS, Futura, Neckface and more. Here's what SuperTouch had to say:

"Legendary streetwear label Stüssy celebrated the culmination of its inspired “Worldwide Tour” apparel campaign—which saw more than 40 artists including KAWS, Pushead, Neck Face, Eric Elms, HAZE, José Parla, and Futura lending their style to one of the brand’s most iconic vintage t-shirt designs—with a VIP-only art show and release party for the new Worldwide Tour Nike shoe collaboration on Friday nite. Featuring murals painted by KAWS & REAS and a fresh psychedelic paint job on the house care of KR" (SuperTouch)

He also has a pretty sick studio. And anyone who has rad interior steez and paints a whole house exterior with drips and makes it look dope is pretty freaking awesome in my book. Long live drips.

Read more about KR at 12oz Prophet.

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