Friday, May 8, 2009

Banksy's Coming to Dinner

Imagine Banksy highbrow hobbknobbing with Joan Collins and her pals at her place for a dinner party where all they did all night was blabber about Banksy. Sounds like a pile of shit? Well apparently Ivan Massow made it into a film.

Funnily enough, it's actually about hoodwinking the socialite, her mates and the media by planting a stooge at a dinner party and telling them it's Banksy.

I'm actually most interested in the kind of conversation these kind of people would have if they really did believe they where talking to Banksy. It's like those videos on Youube where some numpty gets tricked into thinking they've just won the lottery, only to find out 5 minutes later they'd been duped.
Even in the trailer, you can see the excitement in their eyes as they think about how this is their one chance to get their hands on some Banksy artwork, just like Brad and Ange did. I have to ask myself exactly which part of 2 cops kissing Joan Collin's wants to put on her wall.
In her favor, she was a pretty saucy minx in her day and Andy Warhol did include her in his 1985 series of Celebrity Portraits. So I suppose retrospectively she's always been linked to the most modern of artists, and it should come as no surprise she'd be easily duped into a dinner party with Banksy.
Perhaps Joan was hoping Banksy might want to paint her like Warhol did. Just like Warhol Vs Basquiat back in 1982, perhaps Joan imagined it might lead to another Warhol Vs Banksy, like the Kate Moss/Marilyn Monroe. Or the Queen/Monkey. But I'm not sure Joan Collins is as much of a pop icon as the Queen or Kate.
The comparisons between Banksy and Warhol are obvious so it's really not that difficult to understand the interest from someone like Joan. But it's not the 80s anymore sweetheart - even if you are prepared to tell the Queen to fuck off (watch the trailer for the f-bomb!). That said I'd love to see what Banksy would do with some of Joan's hardcover bestsellers, like he did with the Paris Hilton CD cover.
Apparently 90% of success is just showing up - unless you're Banksy and you don't show up at Joan Collins' dinner party. Then it's 100% success.

Check out the Banksy's Coming to Dinner website for more info.

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