Sunday, May 17, 2009

I found love at the Wonderwall

On Saturday I missioned out west to a giant wall to paint with a huge crew.

Masto, Onshow, Kid Zoom and I hit the road at 8.30am, stopping for Macca's on the way. We didn't even know where the wall was at this point, and we had to head to a meet up spot first to find out. The porn and potty jokes were flying thick and fast before we made it out of the city - so I knew it was going to be a fun day.

We met up with Bundy, Fews, Sear and a few others, then we drove to the secret spot, where Water and Rdeam joined us. We had to trek on foot to the wall which wasn't accessible by car. And this is the amazingly huge structure we found...
Everyone pitched in and rolled the wall. Then everyone jumped their spots and start to paint.
For a almost-winter day, it was bloody hot. The boys had their shirts off, and I began to rethink wearing jeans. I was sweating my butt off, and I had to chuck sunscreen on to make sure I didn't get burnt to a cinder.The last guys finished about 5pm, just as it was getting dark. I copped this flick of the whole wall when we were leaving. It was a rad day.
The biggest deal for me was getting to paint for the first time in more than 10 years. I was pretty pleased with the result. Somewhere between a glorified throwwie and a simple piece, it was good to finally get up on a wall again. I definitely need to work on my can control - I have none! Thank god for Masto's help on the day.

I also got some amazing portraits, especially one of Kid Zoom. But it's still underwraps so I'm not posting it... yet :) Whilst I definitely think I'm a better photographer than I am at graffiti, painting on the weekend has definitely inspired me to practice more. It also makes me contemplate why I ever stopped. I think I got so caught up in everything else like work and life I forgot how much I loved graf.

I think I'm falling in love again.

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