Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why I love boys who wear caps

I've been writing a bit about hats lately, and I think I finally worked out why I am obsessed with boys/men who rock caps. Three little words: Donnie and Mark. This photo should pretty much explain everything:
Back in the day I was a bit of an NKOTB fan - Donnie being my favourite. This was followed closely by, of course, Marky Mark. I mean seriously, which teenage girl in the 90s didn't have the mad hots for Marky when he busted out in the Calvin Klein ads with Kate Moss and rocked 'Good Vibrations'. Daaaaaaaamn.
His goofiness, boyish charms and banging body was a deadly combo. And the hats just cap it off (pardon the pun).
So when I discovered these photos of Donny and Mark - it suddenly all made sense why I'm inexplicably attracted to men who wear caps. It was obviously something that started at a young age!
But I needed more proof, so I decided to examine my theory more closely by looking back at some of my celebrity crushes over the years.

As I contemplated my condition further, I discovered that most of my celebrity crushes over the years generally bust out caps. Beastie Boys were early on my celebrity crush list. I remember copping 'License to Ill' and thinking these boys were dope. They were. I even went met them at the an after party/opening of the Sydney X-Large Store in 1994. They wore caps. Rad.
I really liked Bel Biv Devoe. I used to dance around in the lounge room listening to Poison on vinyl. Hey guess what? They wore caps too.Ahhhh the sweet harmonies of Boys2Men. So romance. I loved their matching outfits, like quads dressed by their Mum. They wore caps too. I think there's a running theme here...Did I mention my slight obsession with Mike Patton? Drool. And yer, he rocked caps.Even Axel Rose was known to rock a cap sometimes, albeit cock-rock steez. And boy, did I have a crush on him.
Although I'm pretty proud of having a major celebrity crush on Axel, I'm not so proud of this next one. Brian from East 17. There, I admitted it. Check out his Adidas steez. I got no idea how that hat is staying on his head. And I remember loads of boys at the mall rocking caps perched high just like his. God I feel dirty.
No list of hot hats would be complete without Ice Cube. I always loved him in Boyz in the Hood so much more than Cuba Gooding JR. And thank god for Cruel Intentions and Ryan Phillipe. I think he always made me like Reece Witherspoon so much more. But lose the sweatband buddy...My number one celebrity crush for the last few years has been DC Shoes pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek. Rob is rarely seen without a cap - which may be due at least in part to his receeding hairline. Regardless, he looks slamming hot in caps anyway, so I couldn't give a rats if he has no hair.
More recently there's British DJ Sinden - a slightly-leftfield-celebrity I find delectable - especially in a purple Supreme cap. I saw him play a few weeks back and even though he dropped tracks by Rusko and Kid Sister, it was his cap that did it for me mostly.It's criminal how cute Sinden looks in this next. Supreme cap, wayfarers, Stussy, ghettotech and MIA on your arm - I'm not sure boys get much cuter. Can anyone tell me where eye candy like this lives? If anyone says England, I'm gonna be upset. I know Sinden is British, but why can't there be more radness like this in Sydney (maybe I'm just bitter cos my ex has that Supreme cap...)?No list of celbrity capsters would be complete without Pharrell. I'm not his biggst fan, but he does know how to rock a cap. I wish he wouldn't pimp his own shit as much as he does. I'm not down for every item of clothing to be the one brand, even if you do own the label.
Baseball, basketball, 5 panels, campers, you name a cap, I like it. Especially with the brim turned up or worn brim twisted off to the side. Not so down with fixie caps or anything worn backwards - but I'll tolerate them worn by sweaty boys riding bikes or playing b-ball.

And add a pair of nerdy specs and I'm even more smitten. I found this pick randomly. Mad steez.The conclusion: Apparently I have admired capped boys for the best part of my life. Like more than 2/3 of it. So it stands to reason that I can't shake it. If you'd had an addiction for 2/3 of your life, you'd probably find it hard to shake. But in reality, I love boys who wear caps so I might just keep my little obsession.
And besides, caps have their perks as men get older - they're great for hiding thinning hairlines.

The end.


  1. OMG East 17 are my fave band of all time and Sinden is the hottest man ever in a Supreme cap. I met him in London though and he is so hella short. Ugh it was such a turn off.